Friday, 29 April 2011

My Royal Wedding Fever!

Its been so busy in our house this week I haven't really got into the Royal Wedding build up thats been in all the media.  I've been aware thats its been going on but cant say I've kept up on it and had to get my sister to explain the whole "kiss on the balcony" thing that everyones been talking about.

However, I did want to watch it as I felt it was a once in a lifetime thing.  Oh how much did I enjoy it!??  Im a romantic at heart and loved every minute of the build up, the talk of Kate's dress, watching the guests arrive, the actual wedding itself then waited while they waved (and waved and waved) on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the infamous kiss. 

Im a bit disappointed in myself that I've done nothing crafty to mark the occasion and a million ideas have gone through my head of things I could have done.  So, instead, I've looked through Folksy and picked out my favourite things people have made to mark the special occasion.

Printable Wedding Cake Toppers By PaperParty  

Royal Wedding Postcards By Claryce Designs
Royal Wedding Felt Heart Brooch By Landbaby
Royal Wedding Bunting By Nellie Dean

Hope you've enjoyed the day!

x x


  1. I'm the same - been so busy this week because it was time to compose my quarterly e-newsletter and that takes me ages! But I did watch the main parts and very glad I did!

    Like you, I didn't get around to designing anything specifically for the occasion :(

  2. Im going to try and be more organised for the next big occasion! Obviously wont be a royal wedding, maybe the jubilee! :)