Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Firstly, I just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments about my first attempt at bunting.  It was really kind of you all to take the time to comment. 

Apparently, practice makes perfect, I hope so as I am now addicted to making bunting!  Look what I whipped up while Lillie was napping today...

Bunting Attempt 2!
I've had the blue star fabric in my stash for ages now and have been dying to use it. The red fabric has white spots on it but you cant really it see it well in the photo (do you like the garden view photo!?).  Im trying to get my points pointier (?) and my stitching more accurate and these look ok but still need some improving.  It looks kind of American now that Im looking at it in the photo!  Anyway, my next bunting has to be for my nephews birthday as I want that to be perfect.  That said, I found some lovely fabric in my local fabric shop I just cant stop thinking about!  Hmmm, we'll see.

Other than that, Im working on a few new canvases for a craft fair Im doing on Saturday.  Its only my third ever craft fair so Im hoping to be more organised than usual, although I dare say Friday night will be a late one.

Hope to post some pictures of some finished canvases soon!

x x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Hurrah For Lovely Bunting!

Well I've done it, I've finally managed to make some "proper" bunting!  The felt bunting I've made previously is sweet but I wanted to make it properly with fabric and my sewing machine.  Im very pleased to say, here is the end result!!

Pretty Bunting In The Playroom

It looks lovely on the wall of the girls playroom, the walls in there are so bare!  Im in the process of brightening them up with a few things Im making. 

The flags are far from perfect, there are a few areas where I havent sewn straight and too close to the edge, some of the points arent as "pointy" as I'd like but overall Im happy with the result!  My sewing machine was surprisingly well behaved and we are now firm friends! lol!  If I was to give a beginner some tips for making bunting, these would be mine....

1. Practice doing straight lines with your sewing machine!  Easier said than done.

2. Use a cardboard template rather than a paper one when cutting your fabric.

3. Iron at every stage!  I ironed my fabric before I cut out my template, before I sewed and onced I'd sewed them before sewing them onto the binding.  Overkill?  Maybe but I wanted to make sure I made life easy for myself!!

4. Use the carboard template to make your pointy bits pointy!

Would love to know what you think of my first bunting attempt and any constructive criticism very gratefully received!

Whilst I love working with the beads I've been doing lately, doing the bunting has made me realise how much I LOVE working with fabric so am going to do a few more projects using that.  Plus, as someone told me recently, once you get the hang of bunting, its addictive!!  I have already started cutting out shapes for my next one!

x x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

I've Been Really Naughty

With all the goings on of the last couple of weeks I've forgotton to pass on my Blog Award!!  So sorry, that was really naughty of me.

However after much thinking and deliberations (with myself) I've decided to pass it on to Rachael at Sew, Ray, Me.  I love love LOVE reading her blog and she's posted some beautiful pictures of things she's been working on recently.  She's so talented and the things she makes are so inspiring, so if you dont follow her lovely blog already, go and take a look!  At the moment Rachael's working on some bunting, which leads me nicely on to....

...hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll have a finished my bunting!  Proper bunting, cut from lovely fabric and everything!

x x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Im Still Here!

I feel like I've been M.I.A. from my blog lately and have missed it!  Havent even had chance to catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow and thats not like me at all!  I always have at least half an hour to catch up on my blogs, if I dont, I feel like Im missing out on whats going on!

There are a couple of reasons for my absence - a night away with my girlies, Madison's 5th birthday celebrations (which turned into week long celebrations), Fathers Day and my lovely, if a bit clumsy, hubby spraining his ankle on the weekend.  The first two reasons were lovely the third not so much.  To be fair, he's been in a lot of pain and not able to do much, however, Im not a nurse for a very good reason!  I have no patience and cant cope with ill/injured people!  Thankfully he'll be going back to work tomorrow (if I have to drive him there myself) and my normal routine will resume.

Think I can safely say Madison had an amazing birthday, so much so she said she cant wait for her 6th!  We had a lovely relaxed Fathers Day taking Maddy and Lillie over to the park (which is where aforementioned injury happened - walking along a path?!), stopping for chips and ice-creams then came home and I (attempted) to cook a Sunday roast.

I had quite a few orders before Fathers Day and this is what people seemed to like....

Photo Grandad Keyring
Daddy And Kids Keyrings

Order For A New Daddy Keyring
I thought the last one was a particularly sweet order. 

Well just wanted to say hello *waves* and let you all know Im still here, still crafting and still working on that bunting!!

Off to bed now as my little cherubs will be up in about, umm, five hours (love my children but wish they loved sleep like mummy does!)

Bye for now! x x

Friday, 17 June 2011

Im Going To Attempt "Proper" Bunting!

I've had a lovely couple of hours browsing blog land with a cuppa this morning.  It has to be said, its a fab way to spend a couple of spare hours, and the hours go so quick! 

One thing I've noticed since joining the crafting community is the amount of gorgeous bunting thats out there and the talented people that make the lovely decoration.  Theres a lovely site called Sweet Cotton Threads that makes lovely bunting with some gorgeous fabric and I found some more lovely makers of bunting on Folksy too...

Polka Dot and Heart Bunting from Raspberry Pic & Gifts
Lovely Pink and Purple Fabric Bunting from Rose Cottage Crafts
Red, White and Blue Bunting from the very talented Nellie Dean
It inspires me just looking at it.  I can make felt bunting, but feel like I want to (try) and stretch my sewing skills a little so, armed with my mini sewing machine, I've got my stuff together and I'm going to give it a go!!

Fabric, sewing machine and coffee at the ready!
I've given myself two projects, I'd like to make a bunting using the pink, yellow and blue fabric above for the girls playroom as its really plain in their at the moment and not pretty enough for two little girlies.  I also want to make a "happy birthday" bunting for my nephews first birthday, which isnt until the end of August so Im foreseeing a few problems and leaving myself plenty of time!  Ever the optimist!!

Now Im certainly not going to promise any finished photos any time soon but wish me lots of luck (and hope my patience doesnt run out with my sewing machine!).

Off to wake up the littlest petal now, she's been asleep for far too long and she wont sleep tonight (and I NEED my evenings!!).
Thanks for reading! x x

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


YES I AM SHOUTING BECAUSE IM THAT EXCITED!!  The very lovely Maria over at Dinki Dot Crafts has awarded me my very first ever blog award!!  Maria writes a fab blog and if you havent already checked it out (cos I think I've mentioned it before) make sure you do because she is very talented and multi skilled when it comes to crafting!  She was given this award by another lovely blogger, Becky from The Fluff Pot and has very kindly passed it on to me.  I cant tell you how happy I am!

Thank You Maria!
Only downside is, I now have to share 10 (interesting!?) facts with you about myself.  Ummmm....

1. Im originally from Barry in South Wales - the home of Gavin and Stacey!!  My husband is also from London (although think Gavin is from Essex) so our friends tease us about being the original Gavin and Stacey!

2. I have two beautiful daughters, Madison and Lillie (is that cheating as I think I've shared that bit of information already?).  Madison was five yesterday and Lillie was one in April.

Very beautiful kids if I say so myself!

3. Im addicted to coffee, but who isnt?  Especially when you have two children who think 5.30am is an acceptable time to start the day (grrrr)

4.  Before having Lillie I worked as a P.A. in Local Government but I now run an ironing service for my "day job"!  Its actually more of a night job but that sounds dodgy!  After having Lillie I didnt want to go back to the 9-5 and wanted a job I could do around the girls so started up on my own!  Its not the career I imagined when I was a kid but pays a few bills...

5. My dream is to have my own coffee/craft shop where I can showcase different peoples work, have a little workshop in the back and serve yummy cakes and coffee - yumm-mee!

6. Im Welsh and very proud of it but dont speak welsh which is shameful.

Ummmmmm.....*thinks hard and can smell burning*

7. I hate spiders, to the point where I used to trap them under cups and leave them there until someone came to deal with it.  Decided this was cruel and not a nice thing to teach my children so now I leave the room if there is a spider in it until a responsible adult has disposed of it appropriately. 

8. I hate scary films.  Silence of the lambs gave me nightmares for weeks after watching it and I wont watch anything more than a 12 rating now.

9. I cannot drink to save my life and on a recent hen weekend, had two alcoholic drinks in three days.  Sad but true.  Had a fab time though!

10. I can talk for Wales!  Which you may have guessed?  Not sure if its a Welsh thing and I know I do it I just cant help myself!!

Thought I'd share a photo of myself (is that number 11?  Told you I dont shut up!)

Me and My Lovely Sister x x

So for those of you I havent sent to sleep, thanks for reading and another huge thank you to Maria for passing on the award.

Now, who am I going to pass it to!?

x x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Baby Gift

I love making new baby gifts.  I dont know why, maybe it's because I received such lovely gifts when I had both my girls, I like to put the same amount of thought in back?  Either way, when hubby came home and said his cousins girlfriend had not only given birth, but she'd had a girl, my crafty (as in creative) mind was whirring!  I havent made cards in so long but wanted to use my felt embellishments (available here!) to make a clean and simple, but girly looking card.  This is what I came up with....

Remember the bits and bobs I showed you the other day?  They were made into this...

A personalised dummy clip for baby Hazel in lots of lovely girly pinks.  Me being me, once I start with something I cant stop so I have also made these....

Dummy clip for my gorgeous nephew
Bag tag for Maddys book bag
In all fairness to me, Maddy really does need one of these as she is constantly bringing home other peoples book bags!  Now she has no excuse, she has bright pink beads hanging from hers with her name on!

I hope you like my new baby creations, now what to do next....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Quiet Five Minutes

Wow look at me posting in the middle of the day!  Thats almost unheard of!  Lillie is in bed, Maddy is in school and I've decided to give the cleaning a miss today seeing as tidying is futile in my house.  Plus I wanted to share with you, finally, my pinwheel and boutique bows!  They need a bit of tweaking and more practice from me, but what do you think??

Pink Polka Dot Pinwheel Bow

Attached to a crocodile snap (i think thats what they're called!)
And I've also made Maddy some for school...

Basic bow on a hair bobble

Maddy, always happy to pose for a photo!

Got lots of other things Im doing at the moment but Im waiting for the postman to get here before I can finish them!  Grrrr, Im not one for waiting!

Thanks for reading x x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Button Swapping!

I was so excited when my button swap package turned up on the weekend.  For those that dont know, I had joined a button swap hosted by Lemonade Kitty and recommended by my blogging friend at Dinki Dots.

Anyway, here is what I received....

I love this card - literally, all the colours of the rainbow! 

Some tiny papermania buttons, my mind is in overdrive with these!

Gorgeous smelling lavender in lovely hand tied fabric pods
A beautiful crocheted brooch with a funky button centre and a tin FULL of buttons!

A vintage button?  And some of my favourites from the tin x
All my goodies together!
I was so so lucky, I love it all!  The lavender smells beautiful and is hanging in my wardrobe.  Maddy (my nearly five year old) has already stolen the pink girly buttons and the cars but I love them all!  I have a small confession to make, there was a big packet of giant chocolate buttons that came with my lovely parcel but unfortunately they didnt make it to the photo (oink oink!).

As it was my first swap, I was so unsure of what to send.  I obviously wanted to put thought into it and for it to show in my items, but maybe I thought about it too much??!  Anyway, here are my swap items...

A handmade card, with buttons...

A yellow button heart brooch...

A button pin cushion, a button lavender heart,

...buttons on cards...

...more buttons on card with a "gardeners" theme
a very rustic-ly made button bag with even more....
Please dont look too closely at the button bag, put it this way, it serves its purpose!  It was another me vs my sewing machine incident, but I was determined I wanted to make something to hold the buttons.  Once I get an idea in my head, thats that Im afraid!   

I've got so many projects in my head at the moment, of things I want to make for my girls, tutorials I've seen online but here's a little idea of what Im up to at the moment...

Its a step away from sewing at the moment but uses lots of lovely beads and ribbon!  I hope to have a finished product soon :)

Thanks for reading!

Love Rhi x x 

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Well my last craft fair was cancelled due to bad weather.  Turned out to be a really good call as it rained quite badly all day!  Seeing as it was an outdoor event, I didnt fancy having a load of soggy felt on my hands, so Im glad it was called off.

Its been quite nice though, to be designing and creating things at my leisure.  No matter how much time I'd have left myself, I'd have been frantically sewing until late the night before! 

Anyway, what have I been up to?  Good question and one I often ask myself as the weeks and months fly by!  I've done some more bunting...

Lillie Felt Bunting
and had a go at some cupcake toppers for Madison's birthday party...

I've also had a go at some personalised ones for her friends party...

I love these!  They are really pink and girly and were so easy to make. 

I also have a new obsession - pinwheel and boutique bows!!  I came across a tutorial completely by accident on YouTube.  I was looking for a tutorial or something on how to tie the perfect bow on a birthday present.  As is always the case with me, I ended up wandering onto something else and came across instructions for those!  Im finding them a bit tricky but Im having fun experimenting.  As soon as I've done one thats good enough, I'll post a photo!

Other than that, there's lots of park going, playing, cake making etc. etc. going on in our house at the moment as its half term, again!

Thanks for reading x x