Monday, 27 June 2011

Hurrah For Lovely Bunting!

Well I've done it, I've finally managed to make some "proper" bunting!  The felt bunting I've made previously is sweet but I wanted to make it properly with fabric and my sewing machine.  Im very pleased to say, here is the end result!!

Pretty Bunting In The Playroom

It looks lovely on the wall of the girls playroom, the walls in there are so bare!  Im in the process of brightening them up with a few things Im making. 

The flags are far from perfect, there are a few areas where I havent sewn straight and too close to the edge, some of the points arent as "pointy" as I'd like but overall Im happy with the result!  My sewing machine was surprisingly well behaved and we are now firm friends! lol!  If I was to give a beginner some tips for making bunting, these would be mine....

1. Practice doing straight lines with your sewing machine!  Easier said than done.

2. Use a cardboard template rather than a paper one when cutting your fabric.

3. Iron at every stage!  I ironed my fabric before I cut out my template, before I sewed and onced I'd sewed them before sewing them onto the binding.  Overkill?  Maybe but I wanted to make sure I made life easy for myself!!

4. Use the carboard template to make your pointy bits pointy!

Would love to know what you think of my first bunting attempt and any constructive criticism very gratefully received!

Whilst I love working with the beads I've been doing lately, doing the bunting has made me realise how much I LOVE working with fabric so am going to do a few more projects using that.  Plus, as someone told me recently, once you get the hang of bunting, its addictive!!  I have already started cutting out shapes for my next one!

x x


  1. Your bunting looks great! Bunting is such cheery stuff.

  2. Tips? You don't need any tips! You did a great job. I do the same as you and use a cardboard template and iron before sewing (when I can be bothered!) and after turning out. I've also made a mini version with smaller flags - it's very cute and good for decorating smaller areas.

  3. Very pretty - good work!! Lovely pretty colours! Maria x

  4. Wow, thanks for all your lovely comments! Im lucky enough Im not a very good photographer otherwise you'd see where I've gone wrong! Still, a good reason to keep practising :)

    x x

  5. Lovely bunting! I have a bunting book giveaway on my blog - you might like to join in?

    Pomona x

  6. Cute...nice spring colors. I posted my first bunting yesterday too. It seems to be very popular right now!