Monday, 31 October 2011

Back From Holiday and Happy Halloween!!

We've just come back from a lovely ten days in Turkey. We had a fab time although it was a little stressful with Lillie running around like a loon and wanting to jump in the pool like Maddy. So I'm not very brown but I was glad of the break!

Got a craft fair this weekend though so I'm looking forward to getting started on some Christmas stuff. Feeling very Christmassy now the dark nights are here and the weathers getting colder.

My holiday did mean though, I wasn't able to throw our usual Halloween bash! I was gutted when I realised how late we got back! Not wanting to let my girlies down, I did do a little Halloween tea which we ate whilst watching Monsters vs Aliens:Mutant Pumpkins. Then Daddy came home and took two very cute witches trick or treating. Was Lillies very first time but she soon got the knack if knocking on doors!

I included a few little handmade touches to my decorations this year-my handmade "Boo" bunting, some really yummy cupcakes with bats and orange frosting and some ghosty cups! I also made Maddy and Lillie a nice drink of toad slime (which was really water with green food colouring-I couldn't catch any real toads).

Hope you all had a happy halloween!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog

I am still here, honestly, and I am still reading all your lovely blogs.  Trouble is, these days I catch up on my iphone not the pc so cant comment!  Bad blogger - must try harder!

There's still some sewing going on, not much but some, still orders being completed.  This is my most recent one.  Was a bit dubious about the colours at first but love how they came together...

Seren Name Banner

Close up of my favourite letters
I've also made another big squashy letter...

A big C this time in red and white.  Again, not christmas-y but just lovely!!  I'd love to have time to make a whole load of big squashy letters for craft fairs but time just isnt my friend at the moment and tends to rush past without me having achieved a lot!

In other news, we have two new additions to our family.  Please welcome, Holly (as in Ben and) and Peppa (as in Pig!).

Peppa and Holly all cwtched up!

A sleepy Holly
Long story short, we got Holly to keep our other rabbit Lola company, but after a few minutes it was obvious Lola is quite happy on her own, so I had to go back to the breeder and get Peppa to keep Holly company.  Daft?  Yes I am a little!  However I now have three happy bunnies, two very excited girlies and a husband who, although complained initially, made an amazing hutch for the little rabbits this afternoon!

Also, Lillie's having a first go at drawing....

And Madison drew a picture of me in chalk!

I love how my body is smaller than my head!

Hopefully, my next post will show you the finished product of what I did with all this...

Fingers crossed eh!?

Until next time, happy crafting!! x x