Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog

I am still here, honestly, and I am still reading all your lovely blogs.  Trouble is, these days I catch up on my iphone not the pc so cant comment!  Bad blogger - must try harder!

There's still some sewing going on, not much but some, still orders being completed.  This is my most recent one.  Was a bit dubious about the colours at first but love how they came together...

Seren Name Banner

Close up of my favourite letters
I've also made another big squashy letter...

A big C this time in red and white.  Again, not christmas-y but just lovely!!  I'd love to have time to make a whole load of big squashy letters for craft fairs but time just isnt my friend at the moment and tends to rush past without me having achieved a lot!

In other news, we have two new additions to our family.  Please welcome, Holly (as in Ben and) and Peppa (as in Pig!).

Peppa and Holly all cwtched up!

A sleepy Holly
Long story short, we got Holly to keep our other rabbit Lola company, but after a few minutes it was obvious Lola is quite happy on her own, so I had to go back to the breeder and get Peppa to keep Holly company.  Daft?  Yes I am a little!  However I now have three happy bunnies, two very excited girlies and a husband who, although complained initially, made an amazing hutch for the little rabbits this afternoon!

Also, Lillie's having a first go at drawing....

And Madison drew a picture of me in chalk!

I love how my body is smaller than my head!

Hopefully, my next post will show you the finished product of what I did with all this...

Fingers crossed eh!?

Until next time, happy crafting!! x x


  1. Nice to see you back. I love rabbits - I miss mine but we have a cat now so there is no chance of having another one. Those letters are fab too x

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you're making with those bits!
    Maria x

  3. Aw the baby rabbits are just to cute! Yes I'd do the same, end up with lots of animals so they don't feel lonely LOL! Was in a market the other week and there was a pet stall, a lady bought 2 guinea pigs from a hutch of 3 babies, I can't believe she left one lonely guinea pig all on its own, I was heartbroken, it looked so frantic and then backed itself into a corner all folorn :-(