Monday, 26 September 2011

Good News (and Bad!)

Start off with the bad news, I didnt make the Craft Fair yesterday *big sad face*.  I had a very poorly Lillie pickle at home, who had been up most of the night so didnt think it fair to leave her with my also very tired hubby and a hyper active five year old!  I thought one of them may not make it through the afternoon!

However, on returning to my blog I discovered I have won another award!!  Thank you so much Leah from Faith's Craft Box for awarding me The Versatile Bloggers Award!

This is my second time getting this award and as I've said before, its so lovely to know people read my ramblings let alone enjoy them enough to give me an award!!

Conditions of the award are I have to pass the award on.  I have so many favourites at the moment but I'd like to pass the award on too...

1. Twinkles, Tutus & Twirls
My lovely friend Estelle's blog.  She's so creative and does the most amazing parties with loads of handmade stuff for her kids.  Also, Tuesdays are Tutorial Days over at her blog so make sure you check it out!

2. Sweet Williams - A Handmade Home
This blog is exactly the sort of blog I love reading and soon she will be launching her fab website!  (I might aswell hand over all my earnings now!)  She's so talented and I can only aspire to her sewing skills.  Definitely an inspirational blog to follow.

Think I shared seven reasonably boring facts about myself last time, so I'll directly steal some of the questions answered by Leah on her blog!

On waking the first three things I do....think to myself is it really time to get up, give Lillie and Maddy a good morning kiss, make myself strong coffee (nobody need bother talking to me before I have drunk said coffee).  I'd love to say the first thing I do is "switch off the alarm" but Im always woken up way before my alarm by one or both of my children.

If I had a superpower it would be....the ability to make time stand still while I get on with things!!  Too often time runs out on me.

Fab, might be able to get stuff done!

Three things I will tell my children...only say nice things to each other, share and be kind, Mummy and Daddy will love you forever and ever no matter what

When I was seven years old I was.... afraid of dogs.  To the point where I would risk my life running across a busy road to avoid one.  Funny thing is, fast forward a few years I love dogs and used to have two Labradors!! 

If you open my fridge you will see...yoghurt, fruit bags and probably 16 pints of milk!!  My kids love milk - on cereal, milk shakes, just on its own.  Ok 16 is probably a slight exaggeration, but only slight!  I'm thinking of getting our own cow.

Reckon she would fit in the garden?

My guilty pleasure...cake.  I cant leave it alone if its in the house.  Also, chocolate rich tea biscuits dipped in my coffee.  Too good!

My wardrobe is...plain and practical!  Jeans, tshirts, leggings, dresses to go over leggings.  My sister would love to revamp my wardrobe!  Maybe I'll let her one day...

My kids have taught be patient and have fun!!

Life is like....the most amazing thing in the world that should not be wasted!! 

Thanks for reading

x x


  1. Well done Rhi on your award - you totally deserve it! And thank you for sharing the love, you are very kind!! x

  2. OMG I have just seen this and that you have awarded me "Versatile Blogger". Imagine a mad woman dancing around the living room with a hubby and a 4 year old thinking mental case cos that was me 2 mins ago!!

    Thank you very much xxx
    Off to do another little dance now :-)

  3. Hey, way to go on your award! Funny thing is I was just coming to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! So I'm not going to hold you to any of the rules or anything, I just like your blog and wanted to let you know :) Now you can say that you've gotten it 3 times!! You can still check it out though

  4. wow why hadn't i read this? and yes i would love to transform your wardrobe, thank you please?! xx