Monday, 5 September 2011

The Party and Craft Fair Prep

Just a quick post from me as Im so so busy getting ready for the craft fair on Sunday.  Why is it that, no matter how much I try to get ready in advance, I always seem to be rushing!??  I'm still snipping stuff out, got to sew everything and start pricing and labelling.  If anyone knows of a way I can cram a few hours into my day, I'd appreciate it!!

I've also had a few orders from Folksy recently, which is amazing!!  Someone has bought quite a few ice-cream toppers - maybe they are scrapbooking about summer?  Either way, if you fancy taking a look, they can be found in my shop here.

Perfect of creating scrapbook pages of the summer!
Also, I had to stop by to say that my lovely nephew was one last week and his party was a resounding success!  Not that he knew about it, but the photos will tell a fab story when he looks back on them in years to come.  My lovely sis put on an amazing spread, we had some fab Mickey Mouse decorations, plus a few handmade touches from me!!

Painted number 1 and polystyrene mickey heads!

Mickey Centre Piece!

We've got ears say cheers!!

Too much yummy stuff!

I had so many other things planned for Neo's party that I wanted to make, but with Lillie being ill from Wednesday to Saturday, I just ran out of time.  I did make these though....

Party bag favours with cardboard micky ears

Special party bags for the big brother and sister!
Im hoping my next post will be one full of pictures of stock ready to take to the fair, but we will see!!  Madison goes back to school tomorrow so maybe I'll get a bit more time to sew.

Until next time x x

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  1. Good luck for the craft fair. If you find any extra hours or a way of cloning yourself to get more done let me know as I too would love to be able to cram more into my days!!! :-)