Monday, 12 September 2011

A Lovely Afternoon

Wasnt sure what to expect from the craft fair yesterday as it was the first one in Cwmbran, the weather was HORRENDOUS and its a funny time between just after summer but not quite Christmas yet.  However, I had a lovely afternoon. 

My sister and I managed to have not one, but two cups of hot coffee and some amazing cake, we gave out lots and lots of flyers, spoke to lots of people about the stuff I make and even made a few sales! 

These things are impossible to judge and I really struggle with what to take - guaranteed, if I relied on just orders for stuff, people would want items they could take away there and then, take lots of stock, people just place orders!  I feel, for the first time, I had the best of both yesterday - enough items for people to see examples of items they could order and little things they could buy to take away if they wish.

I was also so much happier with my stall set up this time....

My stall with my new price labels

Close up of the canvases

Aliens peeking!

The Halloween Area!
So many people looked at the Halloween area, which included a Halloween table cloth from the poundshop and some lovely twirling wands from my friend Twinkle Star.

And I had to include this photo of my sister, who helped me loads and really got chatting to people about my makes so she can come again!  However, in this photo her mind looks like its on other things....

Rachel "What to have, what to have?"

Love you sis! 

x x


  1. Your stall looked fab - I really love those little aliens! The Halloween area was a good idea too! Thanks again Rhi, I owe you! Glad you and Rach managed to have a hot cuppa, a rare occurrence in the life of a mummy lol!

  2. Oh im glad you had a good day! I've got my second ever craft fair this Saturday so I'm hoping the bad weather doesn't affect it too much in terms of customers.

  3. Aw so glad the fair went well, your stall looks fab!

  4. Love the stall. I am glad it turned out a good day xxx