Thursday, 22 September 2011

Two Pretty Fairies and Some Halloween Sprinkles

I'm still here! Been working hard on some orders I've had and putting together more for the craft fair I've got on Sunday. So please excuse my poor blogging lately, but I have still been reading everyones lovely blogs! I have them on my iPhone and check them on a regular/hourly basis!

I want to show you something my lovely friend over at Twinkles, Tutus and Twirls made for my girls after her fab Fairy and Elf party recently. Instead of thank you cards, she made us gorgeous scrapbook pages complete with fan photos of my girlies in their tutus and a verse she wrote herself! Clever? I know, I have Crafters Envy! We've put ours up under our stairs and you can see it as soon as you walk through the front door-perfect!

I've also had through the post recently some fab Halloween sprinkles! Bats and pumpkins for my Halloween party cupcakes I will be making FROM SCRATCH!! (promise!). I will be making a start on the crafty bits I want to include at the party soon-never too early to start planning (Stel, back me up here!)

Hope you are all having a lovely week-thank goodness it's nearly the weekend!

x x


  1. Aw Rhi, I have gone all warm and fuzzy inside lol! I am so glad you liked the scrapbook page, for me it isn't just about the party it is about making memories that last. You're right it is never to early to start planning, that is half the fun lol! Looking forward to those from-scratch-cupcakes! xx

  2. What a fab idea with the scrapbook pages! Make sure you show us pics of the cupcakes! x