Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Colours, Lovely Colours!

I very lucky to have received what only can be described as an influx of orders recently-and I do feel very lucky.  It never fails to surprise me when someone likes my things!  Some have been via my Facebook page, quite a few have been via the craft fairs I have been attending, but I have also recently had my first Etsy sale!  I have been emailing back and for to a lady who loved the cupcake and star banners and wants something made for her little girls.  I dont want go into too much detail but the colours include....
Cant wait to get started on my orders and send some of them across the pond!!  All these lovely colours (and a few more I couldnt resist) were ordered from my favourite site paper-and-string.  I find the felt from here so soft and lovely to work with.  Perfect for what I do really!

Had a lovely long weekend in London over the bank holiday.  Didnt do much, just visited family but it was nice to be away and me and the hubby even managed a night out at the pictures - with NO kids!

Right now I have a very poorly Lillie Pickle on the sofa, she's been throwing up for the last hour and a half, so just a quick post from me before she wakes up!

Bye for now! x x 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Everyone loves a good giveaway!

And there are a few good ones out there at the moment! Here are a few really good ones...

Pootle Flumps (fab name!)

Over at Pootle Flumps blog you can win some amazing items including a bundle of 8 fat quarters of spotty fabric! I do love spots!

Twinkles, tutus and twirls

My lovely friend is having a giveaway to win one of her gorgeous handmade puffball wands. They really are so pretty and a must for any little girly!

Lastly (but not least) I'm having a giveaway over on my Facebook page! We are nearly at 500 liners and when we get there, there is going to be a fab giveaway. So, who's going to be number 500?!!

Apologies for any mistakes or if this blog post doesn't look "normal" but I'm on my iPhone! We're away in London at the moment visiting family as it's hubby's birthday this weekend. Today we went to the local park to feed the ducks and squirrels, but alas, the great British weather scuppered our plans and we spent 30 minutes sheltering under a tree from the rain. I wouldn't mind but it was sunny when we left the house!!

Thanks for reading!! x x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A present for a little man!

When looking at pictures of my craft stall, or browsing through my Folksy shop, Im very aware that everything is very, well, pink!!  I make no apologies for this as I have two girls and pink is just, well, so pretty!

However, I had a little thought the other day (just the one mind) that maybe I should make something that appeals to little boys and also, little boys mums! 

So I set about doing a couple of boy type canvases and this is what I came up with...

A rocket themed canvas, for any budding Buzz Lightyears!

A skull and crossbones themed canvas for any wannabe pirates!
Im really pleased with how they've turned out and Im looking forward to taking them to my next craft fair.

Speaking of craft fairs, I've been thinking loads about how I display my items lately as I really want to find the best way to display things.  Its difficult, mainly because I dont know much about these things, but am doing my research and have pinned some lovely stalls on my pinterest board!  If it means I can spend a few minutes/hours on pinterest it's worth it!

Until next time x x 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Im pleased to reveal...

...two of my very latest makes!  One of the things I love about my little crafty business is that people talk!  A customer I made a banner for recently, was so pleased she then told her sister-in-law about it.  This led to not one, but two more orders for banners.  The customer wanted it to match the decor in her childrens new bedrooms and the brief was a tractor theme in bright colours for her little boy and pink, purple and turquoise for her little girl.

These are the end results....

Love love LOVE the colours my customer has chosen
Close up of a letter,

And another close up...
And the really cute tractors!
Had soooooo much trouble with the tractor wheels, they just didnt look right!  Looked much better with the ridges in them.  The heart banner turned out so well and I want those colours in my room (hubby might object a little)!  The gorgeous turquoise felt was ordered from the lovely paper-and-string website and the pink and purple spotty felt (which is my fav!) is from hobbycraft.

Im working on a name banner made up of letters rather than shapes at the moment, similar to the one I posted about here.

Other than that, my mind is thinking about stuff I can do for halloween and every now and then drifts towards christmas!  I've got some lovely ideas (in my opinion) for the craft fairs I've signed up for leading up to christmas and I really hope they will be a success.

I hope you like the banners, would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for reading x x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A new obsession....and an old one!

I touched on it briefly in my last post, but wanted to do a whole other post on my latest obsession...Pinterest!!  If you've never heard of it (umm, where have you been!) imagine a virtual notice board of inspiration where you can "pin" images that inspire you, ideas you want to try and just images that make your heart happy!

You can search other images people have "pinned" and the boards they have created and create your own boards under different topics.  I find it fascinating and some of the images I've found have been so inspiring.  I've found loads of ideas for my nephews Mickey Mouse party.

Take a look at my boards, here!

From my Mickey Mouse Party Theme Board on Pinterest

My other obsession is one I've had for a while now, blog hopping!  I thought I'd share a few new blogs I've found recently that I've really loved reading and look forward to new posts!

Twinkles, Tutus and Twirls - my lovely crafty friend Estelle has started a blog about her fab parties she does for her children and the lovely items she makes for her crafty business.  Its a new blog so pop along and be one of the newest followers!

Sweet Williams - A Handmade Home - found this blog completely by accident but turns out, the lovely lady at Sweet Williams is from South Wales, like me, is a craftaholic, like me and has two small children (Im sure you see the pattern).  She's soon to be launching her brand new website selling all her lovely handmade items, so looking forward to seeing that!

Yummy Mummys Galore - my lovely sisters lovely blog.  It features fab outfits she wears and (I think, more importantly) amazing photos of my lovely handsome nephew!  She does make me laugh though so pop along and say hello and add to her ever growing band of followers (we're not competing...honest).

The Fluff Pot - love reading this blog and the lovely Becky is having a giveaway at the moment so even more of a reason to go and join her! 

Im always on the lookout for new crafty blogs so if anyone has any suggestions, send them my way!!

x x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Crafty Morning

Madison, my oldest went away with her nanna for a little holiday this weekend.  She was so excited, but I always hate it when she's not at home, which isnt very often at all.  So I packed me and Lillie (who's too little to take on holiday really) off to my lovely sisters for the night so I wouldnt have to look at Maddys empty bed (Im VERY soft when it comes to my kids!).

It was lovely to have a night and day with my sister and my handsome nephew though.  But more excitingly, we were going to start getting ready for his birthday party!  Neo will be one in just over a weeks time and my sister is throwing a party for him, as is tradition in our circles!!  Completely inspired by my crafty friend Estelle's party for her little girl (read all about it here) my sister wanted to do a Mickey Mouse party for him.

So, I set about researching on Pinterest (my latest obsession - but thats a whole other blog post!) and came up with loads of ideas and little crafty details I know my sister would love.  This morning we spent the morning getting crafty and we've started with, of course, Mickey Mouse invitations!!

We cut out mickey shapes from black card, and made a little pocket with some red card, then my sister made the little rhyme to go on the inserts.  I think you'll agree, they're too cute!!  The whole tutorial can be seen on a fab blog called In Flight Party Ideas and Inspiration.

We've got LOADS of other Mickey Mouse ideas, but you'll just have to wait and see the rest!!

Until next time x x

p.s. my friend Estelle who did the fab Fairy and Elves party has a new blog!  Check it out here

Friday, 19 August 2011

My Very Crafty Friend...

I cant believe the summer holidays are coming to an end.  Well, there are two weeks left until Maddy goes back to school.  We've had another fun week of visiting a county park, going to the beach (again - you can never go to the beach too much!) and we've also had a birthday party.

The birthday party was for a friends little girl who was three last weekend.  Now, Im so jealous of this friend!  She throws amazing parties for her kids with the cutest themes and this time, she surpassed herself!!  Her daughter loves Ben and Holly so this year my friend did a "Elves and Fairies" party, complete with hand-tied tutus and twirling wands for the girls and elf hats and sticks for the boys.

I think you'll agree, all the kids looked too cute!!

Too cute as a fairy!

Maddy looks made to wear fairy wings!

Beautiful detail from the back 

My gorgeous handsome nephew really suited that hat!
My amazing crafty friend sells all her fab makes on ebay, which you can find HERE!

Some other bits she made for the party (which Im also very jealous of - in an admiring way of course) included...

Amazing table decoration

I've been busy finishing off orders from the last craft fair I did.  I've posted them off today so hope to post pictures of them soon!  Im also getting ready for the next craft fair which will be in Cwmbran on 11th Setpember.  Its the first one so fingers crossed, it will be busy!!

Bye for now! x x

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Newest Member Of Our Family

Hello lovely blog readers!  Not a lot of crafting going on this end at the moment due partly to sleep deprivation and partly due to me having to entertain a five year old and one year old! 

Actually, I lie, I've been cracking on with orders in every spare minute I can but I have no finished product to show as yet as those minutes are few and far between!  Got some exciting projects underway though.  Im working on some birthday badges for girls and boys as part of an order from a lady who makes cards which is fun as Im thinking of different shapes I can do for her.  Im also making a canvas, a giant letter and another name banner in pinks.  I also want to make A LOT more stock for the next craft fair which is on 3rd September. 

Phew, worn out just reading that little lot!  Needless to say, things are pretty busy at PP HQ - I could do with an extra couple of hours in a day please!

We're still having lots of fun and enjoying the summer holidays.  The weather hasnt been that nice in Wales this week so we've met friends at the playgym and been to visit family.  We also added a new member to our family, meet Lola the Lop-Earred Bunny!

Lola the Lop-Earred Bunny
Come on wabbit, eat your lettuce
Madison has wanted either a rabbit or a dog for ages, so we thought a rabbit was a fair compromise.  We already have a cat, Miss Polly, who doesnt really seem to have noticed we have a rabbit!  
I hope to have more crafty news and pictures for you very soon.  In the meantime, head over to our Facebook page where we are having a giveaway when we reach 500 likers!  Only 62 to go!!

Thanks for reading! x x

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pink, Pink and More Pink!

Its no suprise that, after having two girlies of my own and being a girl myself, Im a bit fond of the colour pink.  So when Im asked to make girly coloured name banners, my heart sings! 

At a recent craft fair I was asked to make a name banner using letters rather than any other shapes and embellish with buttons and ribbons etc.

Name Banner For Martha
Lots of lovely buttons and ribbons!
close up of one of the A's

think the R is my favourite letter, or maybe A, or maybe...

I always love it when I come to the end of the project as I can see how its going to look and I always get a bit excited!!  Even more so with this as I am so so pleased with how its turned out!  Madison currently has a cupcake banner in her room but Im thinking of changing it to one of these!  I really hope the new owner likes it as much as I do.

Had my fourth ever craft fair today which went well.  Its funny, you never can tell whats going to sell well at these things but I had a few orders for banners and initials and one order for a canvas so Im looking forward to cracking on with them.

Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow, and remind me to tell you about the newest addition to our family (hint: she has long ears and a fluffy tail! heehee!)

x x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

I've Only Gone And Done It!!

The proverbial penny has finally dropped, the light bulb in my head has lit up (for once) and after my frustrated and annoyed blog post yesterday at my complete lack of crochet skills, I've finally managed it.....introducing, my granny square!!

Yey Me!
Ok so I know its a bit bigger than a granny square, but once I got going, I just kept on going!  I've even done a colour change!!  Admittedly it was more out of necessity (I was running out of wool) but I managed it, just have to weave in the ends when Im done.  But thats another challenge for another day.  Im loving sitting in front of the tv crochet-ing away now, its so relaxing.  Addictive too!  Thank so much to my twitter pal Tracey (aka @knittywoowoo) for offering to talk me through it. 

Think the granny square blanket is a bit beyond my skills at the moment (lots of ends to tie in!) but will carry on and use this granny blanket (?) as my proto-type!

As today was a grotty day, me and Madison made salt dough and baked it in different shapes.  It was really fun and I've been dying to make some for ages!  For those of you that dont know its so simple - 4 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of warm water, 2 tbsps of vegetable oil, all mixed together until its a dough. 

This is what we made - Maddy does like things with her name on so she made...

her name and Lillie's name a D for Daddy and M for Mummy

Maddy painted a starfish and the snail was my effort!!
Another lovely afternoon making a mess!

x x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How Hard Can It Be??

Turns out, very hard!  Those of you that have read my previous post, I have been trying to learn to crochet.

Maybe one day....
Ha!  If only these were mine!  Im finding it sooooooo difficult!  I've watched videos on youtube, had a friend show me what to do, yet the skill that is granny square-ing (?) fails me.  This is my *ahem* fourth (ok, maybe fourteenth) effort...

My effort at a granny square
Ok, one thing you will notice is, ITS NOT A SQUARE!!!!  Im getting increasingly frustrated at my granny squares looking like knotted wool, and a circle of knotted wool at that!!  Oh well, I'll keep trying, the granny square will not beat me!

This is what I eventually want to make....

A bit ambitious maybe but the instructions say "easy".  I beg to differ!

In other news, our summer holidays are still going well, no major catastrophes as yet (touch wood) and this is what we did yesterday...

YUMM-MEE!  Chocolate rice krispy splodges :)

My happy little chef
We didnt have any paper cake cases but I can assure you our chocolate rice krispy cakes tasted just as scrummy!  Plus Madison had loads of fun as she did most of it herself, I just helped melt the chocolate and get even-sized blobs.  Lovely (but no good for my diet)!

x x

p.s. any help on the granny square front would be very much appreciated!  Thanks to everyone who emailed me last time I asked for advice, it helped me get to this stage x

Monday, 1 August 2011

Look What I've Got!

After much searching and much disappointment at seeing an empty shelf, Im very pleased to say, I've finally bought my first copy of Mollie Makes!  Yes, I know we are now on issue three but I've always been a bit slow on the uptake and after looking for issues 1 and 2 a few weeks after they were released, I could never find a copy.

Well, whilst browsing my local Hobbycraft about 10 days ago, I found this copy...

Now I have to confess, I havent read it yet (oh the shame) but am itching to and have flicked through.  Unfortunately, kids dont find watching mummy read a magazine very entertaining!

We've had a really busy summer holidays so far, parks, parties, beach visits, picnics, so today Im having a down day and very much intend to read at least a few articles in what looks (and sounds) like a fab magazine!  So Peppa Pig is on tv and Im off to make a cuppa and try and grab ten minutes peace!

Just a quick pic of my Lillie's first time on the beach.  The weather is so grim today, I cant believe that yesterday we were on the beach!!

Lillie Pickle on the beach :) x x

p.s. Havent forgotten the Versatile Blog Award I need to pass on, its just all the fab blogs I would like to pass it on to have already have it!  Have a lovely lovely blog in mind though.

x x