Monday, 1 August 2011

Look What I've Got!

After much searching and much disappointment at seeing an empty shelf, Im very pleased to say, I've finally bought my first copy of Mollie Makes!  Yes, I know we are now on issue three but I've always been a bit slow on the uptake and after looking for issues 1 and 2 a few weeks after they were released, I could never find a copy.

Well, whilst browsing my local Hobbycraft about 10 days ago, I found this copy...

Now I have to confess, I havent read it yet (oh the shame) but am itching to and have flicked through.  Unfortunately, kids dont find watching mummy read a magazine very entertaining!

We've had a really busy summer holidays so far, parks, parties, beach visits, picnics, so today Im having a down day and very much intend to read at least a few articles in what looks (and sounds) like a fab magazine!  So Peppa Pig is on tv and Im off to make a cuppa and try and grab ten minutes peace!

Just a quick pic of my Lillie's first time on the beach.  The weather is so grim today, I cant believe that yesterday we were on the beach!!

Lillie Pickle on the beach :) x x

p.s. Havent forgotten the Versatile Blog Award I need to pass on, its just all the fab blogs I would like to pass it on to have already have it!  Have a lovely lovely blog in mind though.

x x

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  1. please try and make those pretty felt rings that came with the magazine...they look lovely and i know someone(ahem) who would LUV one xx :)