Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Recent Order

For those of you who read my blog, you may remember me mentioning that I was asked to make a "knight-themed" name banner for a little boy who was really into knights!  I had so much fun and this is the end result....

I've also been given another challenge of making a tractor name banner for a little boys new room in his new house so spent a couple of hours drawing and cutting tractors the other night!!  Hoping that one turns out well too!

I'm attending another fair next week so will post more photos of my stall.  Other than that, at the moment we are play-doh-ing, going swimming, visiting farms and all the other stuff kids love in the summer holidays!  Unfortunately, that means sewing time is down to a minimum, booo!!

A few people have given me some good advice on where to find good crochet tutorials too, so Im hoping to give that a go on a quiet day one day in the hopefully not too distant future.  I will make that baby blanket before my kids grow up!!

Hope you are all well and a huge HELLO to all my followers old and new *waves*

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