Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Craft Show Chaos!

Actually, it wasnt so much chaotic as expensive as I took Madison with me to my most recent craft show!  Its only my third ever craft show and first time at the Langstone Village Craft Fair so I was a bit uncertain on how to set my stall up, who else would be there etc. etc.  I didnt need to worry though as I met some lovely people and had a lovely afternoon.  I signed up for the next one straight away! 

Here are a few pictures of my stall (I love looking at other peoples craft stalls!)

My stall decorated with my bunting!

My little helper peaking from behind my stall (think she's eating cake!)

One side of stall with new canvas

Looking at the pictures I feel like more height is needed on my stall as its looking quite flat.  Oh well, something to work on for next time! 

I had a lovely order from a fellow stall holder whilst at the craft fair.  Her son is really into Knights at the moment so she asked if I could design some sort of knight themed name banner.  I've had loads of fun with this and am looking forward to posting the finished result!

Think Im nearly updated on everything, just the wedding to post about now!

Thanks for reading x x


  1. Looks great, I like how you've displayed the bunting! My first craft fair is coming up soon - any tips for a newbie?!


  2. your tables looks fab, i tend to hide shoeboxes under the tablecloth, to create height.I love doing craft fairs, but sadly where i live,they dont do many.xx