Thursday, 21 July 2011

Im very proud to receive...

...the award for...

Thank you so much to Becky at The Fluff Pot!  Im thrilled and so excited to win my second award, makes me think maybe Im not talking to myself!!

Anyway, the award means I have to share another seven interesting/random facts about myself.  I'll try not to duplicate from before so here goes...
1. I've recently joined Weight Watchers and need to lose two stone by October as we have a holiday booked!

2. My favourite music at the moment is Adele but I secretly love Simply Red and Wet Wet Wet (dont blame me, I was brainwashed as a child!).

3. I am dying to learn how to crochet, was never interested when my mum tried to teach me as a kid but now I really want to make the girls pink blankets! They have one my lovely mother-in-law made for Lillie but Madison always steals it and it causes rows!  

4. My sister is by far, my bestest friend in the whole world, gives me so much support in whatever I do and I can tell her everything!  (She has a fab blog too!  Take a look here).
My lovely sister and gorgeous handsome nephew!

Struggling now....

5. If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd buy is a big house in the country and have lots more children to fill it!!

6. My favourite colour is yellow although you wouldnt think it by the amount of pink stuff I make.

7. My favourite meal is sausage casserole and mashed potato - my sister makes a mean sausage casserole!

Phew, think thats random enough!  Now I have to think long and hard about who to pass the award on to.  Im going to struggle to narrow it down to seven blogs I love!!

x x


  1. You're not talking to yourself! I read your lovely blog!! Good selection of facts btw :)

  2. hello, came across your lovely blog through your sister (my sis is also my best friend)
    i have just left a tweet for her to pass on about crochet. i am self taught through youtube look for tjw1963, she has some easy to follow tutorials. it took me a while, but if you scroll through my blog ( you will find a pic of a lovely huge blanket i made, so once past the frustration, its well worth learning.

    is madison and lillie your daughters? one of my daughters is called madison, my sis has a lily :)

    i am currently making stuff to set up a folksy and etsy shop, having twin girls is taking longer than i would have liked though!
    lovely blog xo