Monday, 11 July 2011


And....breathe!  I've had such a busy few weeks I've had to keep reminding myself to do just that, and eat and drink and...., well, you get the picture.

As a result of such a busy time, I've got so much to share I really dont know what to tell you about first!!

I've been dying to blog about a Handmade Swap I've taken part in recently and a lovely friend I've made too.  On one of the many blogs I follow, Craftaholics Anonymous a little while ago I joined in a lovely swap where you could send anything handmade to your partner.  I was partnered up with a lovely lady called Jane and we've been swapping emails since.  She runs a lovely site called Kooks Ginger Boy, take a look as she makes beautiful things.  Its so nice to chat to someone about crafty stuff!  As much as my husband listens, Im sure he's not interested, and my girls are a bit little at the moment!  Anyway, here is what she made me and, as Im sure you can imagine, Im so so thrilled with what she's made just for me.

Beautiful handmade brooch, corsage cuff and even a little cute gift tag!

Such thoughtful detail

Close up of the customised tag and cute heart detail on the back of the cuff.

Im sure you'll agree, I was very lucky in this swap!  Im ashamed to say that, due to being so so busy lately, I've only just posted my handmade item.  Plus, I had to start again as the project I had in mind wasnt working out as I had it in my head, if you see what I mean??! 

I wont bore you with anymore about what I've been up to but will post again soon about my eventful couple of weeks (as a bit of a preview, they include a craft fair and a wedding!!)

Thanks, as always, for reading!

x x


  1. A whole blog post, I am blushing!! So pleased you are happy with them Rhiannon! So giddy about the postman arriving now!!! Jane xx

  2. I got my gift Rhiannon and it's so lovely, thank you very much. I blogged about you!!! Jane xx