Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Im Still Here!

I feel like I've been M.I.A. from my blog lately and have missed it!  Havent even had chance to catch up on all the lovely blogs I follow and thats not like me at all!  I always have at least half an hour to catch up on my blogs, if I dont, I feel like Im missing out on whats going on!

There are a couple of reasons for my absence - a night away with my girlies, Madison's 5th birthday celebrations (which turned into week long celebrations), Fathers Day and my lovely, if a bit clumsy, hubby spraining his ankle on the weekend.  The first two reasons were lovely the third not so much.  To be fair, he's been in a lot of pain and not able to do much, however, Im not a nurse for a very good reason!  I have no patience and cant cope with ill/injured people!  Thankfully he'll be going back to work tomorrow (if I have to drive him there myself) and my normal routine will resume.

Think I can safely say Madison had an amazing birthday, so much so she said she cant wait for her 6th!  We had a lovely relaxed Fathers Day taking Maddy and Lillie over to the park (which is where aforementioned injury happened - walking along a path?!), stopping for chips and ice-creams then came home and I (attempted) to cook a Sunday roast.

I had quite a few orders before Fathers Day and this is what people seemed to like....

Photo Grandad Keyring
Daddy And Kids Keyrings

Order For A New Daddy Keyring
I thought the last one was a particularly sweet order. 

Well just wanted to say hello *waves* and let you all know Im still here, still crafting and still working on that bunting!!

Off to bed now as my little cherubs will be up in about, umm, five hours (love my children but wish they loved sleep like mummy does!)

Bye for now! x x

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