Friday, 17 June 2011

Im Going To Attempt "Proper" Bunting!

I've had a lovely couple of hours browsing blog land with a cuppa this morning.  It has to be said, its a fab way to spend a couple of spare hours, and the hours go so quick! 

One thing I've noticed since joining the crafting community is the amount of gorgeous bunting thats out there and the talented people that make the lovely decoration.  Theres a lovely site called Sweet Cotton Threads that makes lovely bunting with some gorgeous fabric and I found some more lovely makers of bunting on Folksy too...

Polka Dot and Heart Bunting from Raspberry Pic & Gifts
Lovely Pink and Purple Fabric Bunting from Rose Cottage Crafts
Red, White and Blue Bunting from the very talented Nellie Dean
It inspires me just looking at it.  I can make felt bunting, but feel like I want to (try) and stretch my sewing skills a little so, armed with my mini sewing machine, I've got my stuff together and I'm going to give it a go!!

Fabric, sewing machine and coffee at the ready!
I've given myself two projects, I'd like to make a bunting using the pink, yellow and blue fabric above for the girls playroom as its really plain in their at the moment and not pretty enough for two little girlies.  I also want to make a "happy birthday" bunting for my nephews first birthday, which isnt until the end of August so Im foreseeing a few problems and leaving myself plenty of time!  Ever the optimist!!

Now Im certainly not going to promise any finished photos any time soon but wish me lots of luck (and hope my patience doesnt run out with my sewing machine!).

Off to wake up the littlest petal now, she's been asleep for far too long and she wont sleep tonight (and I NEED my evenings!!).
Thanks for reading! x x

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  1. I have an urge to do bunting too but not sure if to knit, sew or crochet yet ....

    Hope yours turns out as you want them to.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Leah x