Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Quiet Five Minutes

Wow look at me posting in the middle of the day!  Thats almost unheard of!  Lillie is in bed, Maddy is in school and I've decided to give the cleaning a miss today seeing as tidying is futile in my house.  Plus I wanted to share with you, finally, my pinwheel and boutique bows!  They need a bit of tweaking and more practice from me, but what do you think??

Pink Polka Dot Pinwheel Bow

Attached to a crocodile snap (i think thats what they're called!)
And I've also made Maddy some for school...

Basic bow on a hair bobble

Maddy, always happy to pose for a photo!

Got lots of other things Im doing at the moment but Im waiting for the postman to get here before I can finish them!  Grrrr, Im not one for waiting!

Thanks for reading x x


  1. They are really pretty, my girls are too big for them now though xxx

  2. Never! No one is too old for a pinwheel bow! Actually, at 29 I think I might be a bit old :o)

    Thank you for your lovely comment x x