Monday, 6 June 2011

Button Swapping!

I was so excited when my button swap package turned up on the weekend.  For those that dont know, I had joined a button swap hosted by Lemonade Kitty and recommended by my blogging friend at Dinki Dots.

Anyway, here is what I received....

I love this card - literally, all the colours of the rainbow! 

Some tiny papermania buttons, my mind is in overdrive with these!

Gorgeous smelling lavender in lovely hand tied fabric pods
A beautiful crocheted brooch with a funky button centre and a tin FULL of buttons!

A vintage button?  And some of my favourites from the tin x
All my goodies together!
I was so so lucky, I love it all!  The lavender smells beautiful and is hanging in my wardrobe.  Maddy (my nearly five year old) has already stolen the pink girly buttons and the cars but I love them all!  I have a small confession to make, there was a big packet of giant chocolate buttons that came with my lovely parcel but unfortunately they didnt make it to the photo (oink oink!).

As it was my first swap, I was so unsure of what to send.  I obviously wanted to put thought into it and for it to show in my items, but maybe I thought about it too much??!  Anyway, here are my swap items...

A handmade card, with buttons...

A yellow button heart brooch...

A button pin cushion, a button lavender heart,

...buttons on cards...

...more buttons on card with a "gardeners" theme
a very rustic-ly made button bag with even more....
Please dont look too closely at the button bag, put it this way, it serves its purpose!  It was another me vs my sewing machine incident, but I was determined I wanted to make something to hold the buttons.  Once I get an idea in my head, thats that Im afraid!   

I've got so many projects in my head at the moment, of things I want to make for my girls, tutorials I've seen online but here's a little idea of what Im up to at the moment...

Its a step away from sewing at the moment but uses lots of lovely beads and ribbon!  I hope to have a finished product soon :)

Thanks for reading!

Love Rhi x x 


  1. What a lovely idea! a button swap, I would love to join in on the next one : )

    Fab buttons in that tin, i love doing swaps and have done a few but never with just buttons...Have fun creating!
    emma x

  2. Brilliant swap stuff! I think you did really well, the things you sent are gorgeous and so thoughtful! :o)

    I think we both did pretty well at our first swap!!!

  3. I have to say "I love buttons" I would play with nana's button box for hours as a little girl. That was a lovely parcel you received tooxx

  4. Thanks Polly Dolly - it was a lovely parcel to receive. I was really pleased with all of it and it was so much fun.

    Marie - thank you so much for suggesting it!!

    Emma - I've got so many ideas in my head I dont know what to do first :)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments

    x x

  5. Looks like you did really well in your swap! (Mind you - your partner did very well too and recieved some lovely items!)

    Sew Ray Me