Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Musings - #1!

I thought that sounded quite good as a title!  Kind of got a ring to it and means that every tuesday Im going to put down a few of the things I've been mulling over whilst sewing/shopping/putting the girls to bed!  (my mind is mulling something over probably 90% of the time so this may take some time)

My thoughts this week have been mostly about where I want my little craft business to go.  I've looked through so many blogs lately and seen so many websites and been so inspired by nearly everything I've seen, its made me thing about the direction I want to take, how I want to progress things, what I want to do.

I would love love LOVE to have a workshop of my own.  This is probably not practical until Littlest Petal starts at nursery as it would involve spending time there during the day and Im guessing this could be quite detrimental to a nearly one year old!  Attached to this I would like a small gift shop that people could look round of not only my own handmade loveliness but that of others in my area (or not, but definitely from in the UK) and maybe a few tables and chairs so people can sit and have coffee and cake?  I know I would love a place like this!  However, my first aim would be to have a workshop so I can sew full time and give up the day/night job (the ironing is taking over my life at the moment!).

So for now, Im going to carry on attending the craft fairs and maybe start putting a little bit aside to plan for my dreams.

If anybody knows of anywhere like this, please do let me know!  I'd love to visit.

Until next time x x


  1. That sounds like a lovely goal - you will get there! :)

  2. Well if the hours I put in and my determination are anything to go by, I certainly hope so!

    Thanks for your lovely comment