Monday, 4 April 2011

My Crafty Little Miss and A Happy Mothers Day!

About two weeks ago, my Oldest Petal let slip (as four year olds tend to do) that in school they were making something for Mothers Day.  This being her first year in proper school (well, Reception) I wasnt expecting a lot, maybe a card they'd painted, or a picture they'd coloured.  So when Petal came home with this on friday and couldnt possibly wait to give it too me, I was so impressed! 

Its a little felt purse that holds a packet of tissues-genius!  Its also in felt, my favourite fabric and Petal made sure it was yellow cos thats my favourite colour.  The teacher has cut out the felt and punched holes in the side which Petal has threaded wool through to keep it together and then she's stuck velcro to close it and jewels on the outside to decorate.  Im very proud and think its fab that my Oldest Petal is turning out to be as crafty as her mummy!  I love crafting with my Oldest Petal, she's not quite able to sew yet but maybe Im wrong, maybe she can start with simple things like this.  If anyone has any tips for kids craft ideas, send them my way!

Im busy at the moment preparing for my first of two upcoming craft fairs, the first being on 14th April.  Im trying to put together stock so Im not rushing at the last minute cos I know what Im like. 

More photos to come this week of what I'll be taking to the craft fairs!

Until next time x x

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