Monday, 11 April 2011

Weekend Projects and My Bit for the Royal Wedding!

 Ok so last night, in true unorganised mummy style, I found a letter in Oldest Petals bag saying that we have to MAKE a tiara for a garden party this Wednesday.  Now I knew the garden party was coming up but didnt realise it was this week and didnt realise it had to have a "Red, White and Blue" theme.  Make it easy for us why dont you??  For all those of you shouting or thinking "I'd have the perfect idea" I bow down to you, cos I'll be honest, I was stumped.  So after many hours of scratching, researching and frantically texting a few other mums, at 8.10am this morning, this is what was produced....

Oldest Petal with our "Garden Party Tiara"   

Here we have card, foil, beads and pipe cleaners made into a passable tiara!  Oldest Petal liked it which is the main thing otherwise it would have been a very traumatic walk to school today!

In other news, we had guests come to stay this weekend so I didnt get much sewing done.  This in itself it causing me great panic as Im going to my very first craft fair this week!  I did a lot last week but keep thinking of new products I want to add.  So here's what I've done so far....
This, has been turned into...

and this...

and this!

As you will probably see, theres cupcake brooches, pin cushions, hair clips, heart brooches in lots of lovely colours and a few lavender hearts. I've still got lots more to do with this pile, more photos later!

Until next time x x


  1. Congrats on winning paper and string's lovely giveaway. I popped over to see what you might do with them and can now see they have gone to the right home!
    Becky x

  2. Thanks so much, thats so kind of you!

    Im so excited to have won, I literally, never win anything!

    Thanks again


  3. Hi! Nice to see another felt fan! I've recently started blogging about my creations, and felt is one of the materials I'm using (amongst other things!)

    Although it looks like you produce a lot more a lot quicker than me - I'm very slooow!

    Congratulations on winning the paper-and-string blog, I'm so jealous! :o) I had entered too, but no luck this time!

    I look forward to seeing the ribbons appearing in your creations!

  4. Thanks so much Dinki Dots. Have been over and visited your blog too.

    x x