Thursday, 14 April 2011

What An Exciting Day!

Apart from sewing til my fingers hurt this morning in an attempt to get everything finished and the headache that was threatening to ruin my first fair, today turned out to be a really good day!!

Firstly MY PRIZE ARRIVED!!  I have to write it in capitals because Im even more excited now that its arrived.  For those that dont remember, I won the freebie competition on the fab blog paper-and-string.  Oh how right was I to be excited, its the most amazing prize I could have won as Im so into ribbon at the moment (probably why I entered, but never dreamed I would win!).  Im itching to get at it and cant wait to show what I've made with it.  Im not going to be able to sleep tonight for ideas!

Secondly, the fair was amazing!!  Met some fantastic people, ate some gorgeous cupcakes and even made a few sales!  So all was good.  Lessons to be learned though?  Dont leave it so late to make stock!  I knew when this fair was months ago so why I left it so late, I will never know.  Just me I guess (note, must change that trait).

Here are a few photos of my stall and stock.....

My stall! All set out nicely   

My handmade banners and canvas on display
A selection of easter treats
More lovely things!

Came home with quite a bit but sold quite a bit too so Im happy.  Also handed out quite a few flyers to people interested in banners so who knows, they may keep me in mind for the future.  Hopefully, this is the first of many fairs I'll be attending as I loved it! 

So all in all, a really good day.  So tired now though (or should that be sew tired!....sorry).  Looking forward to thinking up things to do with my ribbon tomorrow.  Thanks again paper-and-string!!

Until next time x x 


  1. What an exciting day - congratulations on both fronts!

    Your stall looks lovely and it sounds as if your business is well on its way!

    Have you thought at all of selling through shops?

  2. Hi, your stall looks wonderful! Im so glad you did well. Your Daisy Logo has inspired me for a new Tutorial which will hopefully be on my blog this week, but who know with two kids here to 'Help' I think it may take a while Lol
    emma x

  3. ha! I know what you mean Emma. Think I need to learn that things take 10 times as long when kids are "helping". Good luck and let me know when the tutorial is up and running! Would love to take a look.

    Rhi x