Saturday, 16 April 2011

Just a quick post from me....

Just a quick one from me today as Im exhausted after being up most of the night with Littlest Petal.  Not even sure why, dont think she's cutting teeth or anything, she was just wide awake from 2am-ish to 5am-ish.  Im not used to no sleep these days seeing as she has slept through from 8 weeks old (and she's nearly one).

Anyway, before my horrible nights sleep I spent three hours sorting and organising my sewing area (a.k.a. my dining room table and the draws I've bought next to it).  I couldnt shut my felt draw and my project box was overflowing with, well, all sorts of bits and pieces that didnt need to be there.  I hate it when things are a mess, makes my mind feel muddled.

So this is now my project box and the draws I keep everything in (a far cry from the whole workshop of stuff I hope to have one day)...

My project box.  Love the pink and white spots and pink lining!
My drawers with all my buttons, felts and threads

After getting ready for the fair last week my drawers were looking a mess so Im pleased I spent the time sorting them.

Now onto the sewing.  What have I been making?  Well nothing as yet but I have started my first project with my prize.

Can you tell what it is yet??!

Until next time x x

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