Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Weekend - Part 2!

As you may or may not have read (definitely posted it on twitter) Bank Holiday Monday was a bit exciting for me as it was my second ever craft fair.  I had a stall at the Bank Holiday Gift and Craft Fair at Abergavenny Market.  Didnt know what to expect as I've been to the market but never a craft fair there.  Plus the weather was beautiful so would people turn up?  Or would they be heading to the beach?

So, with my mum and Oldest Petal there to give moral support/help me with my "shop" we set off to Abergavenny at quite an early hour for a Bank Holiday!  Turns out, it was a really busy day and I did really well!  It was slow to start with and I got the wobbles a bit "Am I doing the right thing?  Do people like what I've made?  Am I smiling at people and being friendly enough?"  All these were questions that ran through my mind as people started coming in an hour or so after it started.

My first customer was a very lovely lady that I've met through Twitter!  Judy lives not far from the market and had said she would try and pop down, which she did and it was so lovely to have the support of a fellow crafter.  Another lady popped down too with her lovely little girl, again someone I've met through Twitter.  Thank you Janet!

All in all it was a successful day - had orders for more name banners and sold quite a few of these...

They are little aliens!  There are loads of these on the internet but these are my take on them - you put your tooth in their mouth when it falls out and magically, its replaced with a coin in the morning!  It occurred to me that there wasn't much for boys on my stall so here they are - and they proved very popular with little boys!  I only took eight along with me in different colours and these are the two I brought home (Oldest Petal was getting quite worried at one stage as she had her eye on the pink one!).  I do like looking at them, they make me laugh!

I've also come up with new flavour cupcakes!

Lemon and Mint Choc Chip!  I took these with me and managed to sew them at the fair.  I think they're cute though, these two are magnets that will be going in a set for my Folksy shop. 

I cant for the life of me get the photos of my stall off my BlackBerry.  Will get my I.T. guy (aka my husband!) onto it later and hopefully post them soon.

Thanks for reading! x x


  1. Glad the craft fair went so well! If my visit to Abergavenny had been a week later, I'd have definitely popped in! We actually had a look at the market there, so I think I know exactly where you were!
    Love the little aliens!

  2. Glad it went well - after I left!!!

    I'm looking forward to sending all my little pink bits and pieces to my granddaughter but have to find suitable presents for her big brothers first. Unfortunately they are past the tooth-losing stage, apart from her little brother who hasn't reached it yet!