Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Weekend - Part 1!

We've really had such a fab Easter weekend that I felt the need to write about it in two parts!!  Sunday was not only Easter Sunday but Littlest Petals 1st Birthday!!  To say I cant believe she's a year old is an understatement, I really dont understand where the last 12 months have gone.  We had a party with a few of our friends at our house on Saturday and everyone had a lovely time.  It helped that the weather was so lovely as we were all able to go out in the garden for (not our first) barbecue (we do love a barbecue at our house!).

But remember the pile of pretty felt and ribbons that I won?  It was turned into this!

Easter Egg Party Favours!

I made Easter egg decorations for the kids party bags as party favours and each one had the childs initial on the back!  As Littlest Petals birthday was also Easter Sunday, I couldnt let her have a party without an Easter theme, so we had Easter cupcakes, easter party favours and an easter egg hunt.  Plus all the kids took home Easter baskets with their party favours and a cupcake in.  I think they all had a good time!

Until next time x x

p.s. in part 2: my second craft fair and pictures of my stall


  1. Those eggs look lovely - what a great idea as party favours!

  2. Thanks! The kids seemed to like them and hopefully they'll use them as decorations every easter :)