Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nothing better than....

...a Sunday spent crafting!  I was very lucky today that Oldest Petal was at her friend's house and Littlest Petal had an extra long sleep after lunch.  Also, hubby was home so when she was awake he was able to run around after her (as she seems to enjoy doing most these days!).

I've got quite a few orders for name banners that are well under way but I wanted to start and finish a project today.  My "spare" time is so precious these days I felt I wanted something to show for it.  So, an idea I've had for a little while is embellishments.  My crafting journey, if you like, started a good few years ago with card making.  My only problem was I didnt like spending hours on a card, only to give it away!  Not ideal.  Anyway, one of my favourite past times was searching the internet for embellishments to put on my cards and give me inspiration.  So today I set about making these little sets for my friend who is due to have her baby any day now.....

Pink bottle embellishments
and blue bottle embellishments
Needless to say, we dont know if she's having a girl or a boy, but I enjoyed making these so much I decided to make both and put them in my Folksy shop.

Keeping with the embellishments thread, I decided to make these too....

Yummy looking ice creams for a summer birthday card maybe?

And pretty flower embellishments for any occasion!
I hope you like what I've made this weekend, now to crack on with my orders!  I do love my crafty life :)

x x


  1. Cute embellishments! I see you've signed up for the button swap - I have to! You've gotta try these things!! :o) x

  2. Thanks! Well my thoughts are if you dont try you'll never know :) and thanks for posting about it!

    Rhi x