Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Obsession With Cupcakes Continues

Although officially, Im not allowed to buy anymore things with cupcakes on, I did manage to sneak a few buys in when I went to town on my own yesterday.  I love things with cupcakes on, I think they are so cheerful and girly, so I thought I'd share my newest cupcake additions with you!

Cupcake lap tray and cupcake cookie jar

Not technically a cupcake but a cute cake clock with polka dots all the same!
The lap tray is fab for sewing in front of the sofa, which is exactly why I bought it.  Its got an edge on it which means little beads and buttons wont roll off.  The cookie jar I just HAD to have!!  It has to be stocked with cookies (not just biscuits) AT ALL TIMES!!  Only thing is, the Little Petals have worked that out and just sit in the kitchen and stare at it.  Infact, my one year old shouts "TA!" at it, which is very cute, but think it means she wants a cookie!

The clock has replaced a clock that hasnt been working for about six months in my kitchen.  Why we just didnt take it down I dont know but hey ho, this one has replaced it now and looks lovely!  I'd like to get some cupcake pictures to go in my kitchen now to match my cookie jar and clock.

On the crafting front, not much has been going on since the weekend as I've been very poorly with a stinking cold.  If I was a man, I'd be in bed with man flu but us women solider on!  I have started making a present for my very lovely friend who had her baby on Saturday.  What better reason to make a gift than for a new baby?  Plus, she had a girl so my mind went into overdrive as soon as I heard from her!  Here it is so far...
I hope she likes it when its finished.  More importantly, I hope I get to finish it before baby is one!

Until next time x x



  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog & thanks for popping over! I can't get enough of cupcake either!!! Hehehe :) I was sooooo excited when I opened teh sewing box to find treasures, I never get lucky like that! Your friend is sure to love your handmade gift :)

    Jo x

  2. I love your cupcake stuff - I'm cupcake crazy too!

    Maria x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blogshop!
    I too love anything cup-cakey, so I love all your finds! Specially the clock!
    Looking forwrad to looking at your other posts, blogs and blogshop!
    Gill x