Sunday, 22 May 2011

Maddys Room

Maddys home safe and sound from her trip to London.  She's exhausted bless her - it was a busy weekend for a nearly five year old!  She was so excited to see what I've made her though.  One of the things I love about what I do is seeing how happy she is when I make her things.  She particularly loved this one as it's got her name on and she LOVES things where she can read her name.  So here it is, a name canvas for her door with a pretty cupcake on!

I've been experimenting with photos recently and hope these do it justice.  I can never seem to get the lighting right though??!  The cupcake has little pink glass beads and sequin hearts so it looks very scrummy and cute!

Me being me couldnt stop at one, so had to do one for my nephew who has a jungle themed nursery...

Now this was my first attempt at some very basic embroidery using a basic back stitch so please dont look at the wonkiness!!  (not even sure thats a word, but you know what I mean).

Have sent my sister these photos and she is very excited about the one for Neo.  As he's got quite an unusual name you dont see anything with his name on so I was glad this turned out well!

If anyone has any tips on embroidery they will be very gratefully received!  I enjoyed doing it but definitely need more practice.  My mission for this week is to do one for Lillie's room too!  As well as getting stuff ready for the fair(s) next weekend and finishing my friends new baby banner.  Phew, better get on with it! 

Until next time x x


  1. These are adorable, And yes your photos look great Too! I use a photo tent and a natural daylight light when taking my pics but im very new to it too and need allot of work on my photos yet.
    I love the giraffe!
    emma x

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :)

    Emma - the stuffed giraffe was stolen from my youngest daughters room for the purpose of that photo!!

    x x