Monday, 2 May 2011

Looking forward too....

...getting back into a routine!  Its been lovely having everyone at home, but think we're all ready to get back into our routine now.  Im someone who does like my routine and get a bit upset if its disturbed!  I think because of the girls, a routine is important otherwise things tend to turn to chaos quite easily!  Anyway, we've had loads of lovely days out, both Petals have been spoilt rotten by family that visited and I think a lovely time has been had by all.

I've managed to do some more cutting today for my orders of name banners.  Starting to come together but I cant wait to be able to post the finished products!

Im seeing stars and cupcakes!
I've also started putting together a little bunting that I thought I could put at the front of my table at craft fairs.  I will get around to doing one that says "Pretty Petal Handmade" one day but this one just says "hello" and looks quite cute I think!

Im also going to put it on the front page of my website that Im working on.  More on that soon!

On a non-crafty note, I've been doing some sewing in the garden these last few weeks.  Its lovely to take my project box out there and sew while Im watching the girls play!  Now Im not green fingered by any stretch of the imagination but I noticed yesterday how beautiful the rose bush looked and decided to take a photo to share - smells beautiful too!

Until next time x x


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog, and you are so close aswell - Im in Newport!!
    Lovely blog too


  2. Thanks very much, lovely of you to say. And you're only up the road! (sort of)


  3. Love the buntings, and your embellishments on your previous posts are adorable. Im working on some bunting for my sons birthday at the weekend.
    love emma x