Saturday, 21 May 2011

Browsing and Buying

Very quiet in our house today as Maddy is in London watching Shrek The Musical so its just me, hubby and the littlest one!  She is more than keeping me busy though so not got too much time to miss Maddy!  I have made her something for when she gets back, so when she's seen it I'll post a picture.  Its something I've been working on for ages but either lost my way with it or been busy on other things!  Think I've said it before and its still true, Im a serial project starter! 

Had a nice browse through my local fabric shop today, Lillie was asleep in her pram and hubby was in the computer game shop so I new I had some time!  Picked up a few bits that caught my eye.  The orange and pink flower fabric I've had my eye on for ages! 

Got more than a few ideas for these which I hope to get started soon.  I'd love to say I'll post pictures soon but I know what Im like! 

x x

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