Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Who Needs Sleep?!

Apparently not me, according to my one year old who has a habit of waking lately at around 11.30pm just as Im going to bed.  After settling her last night I just could not sleep.  So what do crafters do when they cant sleep??  Umm, craft?  I did anyway!

I was sat at my dining room table for ages wondering if I should start something, if so what.  I've got a very tiny notepad that I scribble in (a scribble pad if you like!) when I have an idea of something I'd like to make.  Some of them havent made it out of the notepad yet, some of them probably wont, but last night I had a proper look at things I'd scribbled of the last few months.  I was really inspired by some of the ideas I realised I'd forgotten about, but they're projects for when I have more time (hubby is going away for the night on Sunday so maybe that will be a perfect time for such projects!)

Anyway, ended up making just a few things.  Im really into embellishments at the moment and inspired by the recent hot weather (although not in the past week - good old british weather) I've made these...

Beach Hut Embellishments

Watermelon Embellishments - Yummy!
Watermelons and beach huts just say summer to me.  I grew up by the coast so anything that reminds me of the beach, I love! 

I also started playing around with my ribbon stash and came up with these for Maddy.  She has no matching hair clips so in true crafty mummy style, I made some! 

Two lots of hair clips, neither of which match her school uniform but are very pretty and will get used none the less!

I really need sleep tonight but I have to say, I think I put my insomnia to good use last night!!

Until next time x x

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  1. I love your beach huts and melon slices! Very summery and just what we need when we seem to have gone back to March weather!