Friday, 27 May 2011


Well hello bunting!!  I have FINALLY finished my felt bunting!  Now Im going to be honest, although I love sewing I struggle to get to grips with my sewing machine, which I felt this bunting needed.  My sewing machine is so small and basic Im ashamed to say how much trouble I have with it, but could not for the life of me, get the tensions right.  Anyway, after lots of trials and even more errors, I managed it!!  The letters are hand sewn as that was the "look" I was going for but needed to sew the binding with my sewing machine so it would be secure and here it is, my "hello" bunting!  The idea is it will go on the front of my stall at craft fairs.  My sewing skills are no where near good enough to do bunting with fabric so Im sticking to felt for now - much more forgiving!!

I finally finished my gift for my friends new baby...

A present for baby Gracie

and a close up
Now, those of you that read my blog will notice it looks nothing like what I originally had in mind!! (see previous post here)  Somehow though, the name banner didnt turn out as I had it in my head, as so often does with my projects.  Does anyone else find that?  That what you have in your "minds eye" if you like, looks nothing like it when its made??  Anyway, I decided to stick with the canvas theme that Im into at the moment and made this.  My friend was really pleased with it, especially as everything she's seen has Grace on it, rather than Gracie, so it was extra special! 

Looks like my craft fair might be cancelled at the weekend because of the rain.  Its an outside venue and to be honest, the weather looks like its going to be so rubbish on the weekend so Im quite glad.  Dont really fancy having a lot of soggy felt on my stall!

Thanks for reading my ramblings!  Until next time x x

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  1. The name plaque is so cute! Might give this a try too :)

    Sew Ray Me