Friday, 6 May 2011

Something For My Little Ones

Its ages since I've made something for my Little Petals.  I made the cupcake name banner for Oldest Petal ages ago and an Initial Canvas for Littlest Petal but neither of them have them up in their rooms because I take them to craft fairs as examples!

So Im in the process of making something for them to hang in their rooms - Oldest Petal (Maddy) has a pink room and Littlest Petal (Lillie) has a yellow room, so I've started making co-ordinating Initial Door Hangers for them.

Hope to finish L later!  Here's hoping...
They are, of course, made from my favourite fabric, felt and I've used the ribbon I won in the fabulous paper-and-string giveaway (the May giveaway has started today so I highly recommend going over and taking a look!) plus lots of lovely buttons!  I thought about using tiny glass beads on them too but like how they look with the ribbon and buttons.

I was lucky enough to be given some buttons recently by a friend of a friend who had closed down her knitting shop but knew I was into crafts and thought I could use them.  When I say a few, there must be around 10,000 there (although I havent counted them all!) in lots of different shapes and sizes.  I've had a fab time looking through them all and picking out my favourites, ones I think I can use in projects and just ones I like the look of!  I've also decided to list some in my Folksy shop as there are way too many for me to ever use.  There are about 35 - 40 buttons in each bag and I've put together bags in brown, blue, yellow, white and pink at the moment and will be adding lots more soon!

Little Bag of Buttons - Yellow
Little Bag Of Buttons - Pink
Little Bag Of Buttons - Blue
I hope someone can make use of them and turn them into something fabulous!

Until next time x x

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  1. Wow, how lucky to be given all those buttons!! Fantastic! (They'll come in handy for the button swap!)

    Your initial door-hangers are great... I've had something a bit similar in mind that I've been planning to make for a while - not sure I'll ever get round to it, though... not sure where the time goes! Too many ideas!

    Hope you've been having better days after the nightmare day you had the other day (also hope the burn isn't too bad!!)

    Maria x