Monday, 28 March 2011

A Couple of Weekend Makes

I found myself with an unexpected couple of hours to myself on Friday night.  Very rare so I was determined to start something and finish it!  So came up with these two cute little projects to have something to show for my evening.

Flower Brooch  

This flower brooch is made of felt and handstitched.  I added a button in the middle to bring it all together (and hold it together if Im honest!).

Handstitched Heart Bag Charm

Think this is quite cute even if I do say so myself!  Handstitched bag charm (could be a key ring) made with felt and ribbon. 

I hope to have a few more hours to myself this week (very unlikely but I can hope) as I've got loads more projects in mind.  I bought myself a very small (and fairly cheap) sewing machine on the weekend.  While I will still be hand-stitching all the felt bits and bobs I make, I may start experimenting with other fabrics too as my local fabric

I've also signed up for a few craft fairs at my local market in the coming months.  Its going to be busy!!  But thats how I like it :)

Until next time x x

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