Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Baby Girl Is Walking

The main reason I started my little business was because I didnt want to miss a minute more of my girls growing up.  While this is sometimes more challenging that I care to mention, I was made to realise how much I have made the right decision yesterday when my Littlest Petal walked!  And not just a few steps, she's off across the room at great pace!  Obviously, Im immensely proud, the only thing is, she looks so funny as she is still really small!  My Oldest Petal was so much bigger at her age, she's just a dwt (a welsh word for small!)

Speaking of welsh words, Oldest Petal is in the school concert next week for winning the welsh singing competition on St Davids Day.  So a very proud week in our house!

Despite all the walking and winning, I have had (very limited) time for sewing.  Im currently working on some mobile phone covers which came from me not wanting my beloved BlackBerry to get scratched!  Got some lovely polka dot felt so am making a few designs, photos to follow!

Also, as spring definately feels like its sprung, I've been inspired to make some more easter chicks!  This time they are egg cosies!  Again, photos to follow when my camera battery is charged!

Weather is lovely so off to sit in the garden and watch the girls play.

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