Monday, 14 March 2011

Projects Started = 5, Projects Finished = 0

That title might be a bit misleading as I have now finished one project!  However, its not that I get bored half way through, or give up on something I feel isnt working, on the contrary, I tend to stick with it when perhaps I really could do with walking away and coming back with fresh eyes.  In actual fact, what seems to have been happening of late is that I start a project as one thing and it ends up being something else!  For example, I started making a cupcake banner as an order that someone has very kindly bought from me.  I cut a few too many cupcakes so thought "I know, I'll make another banner for my littlest one"  an hour later and much deliberation, its is now an (albeit really cute) keyring/bag charm. 

Anyway, I did complete one project which turned out a lot better than I had hoped for and that was my Mother's Day Canvas.  I wanted to use spring colours as the weather has been so lovely over the last couple of days, it really feels like spring has sprung!  So I picked yellow for the canvas as its also my favourite colour.  I wanted it to look really pretty and with lots of buttons and beads, I think (in my humble opinion) I achieved that!  Its available to buy in my Folksy shop, but if no one wants to buy one, I know one mum that will love it (my own!!).

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