Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Red Nose Day!

I do like Red Nose Day, although I will be honest, it was much more fun when I was in school xx numbers of years ago!  I envied Oldest Petal at little bit this morning when she went to school dressed in red with crazy hair! 

Last night though there was a bit of a panic when we realised Littlest Petal had broken THE red nose!  So as not to have world war three on my hands (Littlest Petal is only 11 months but a four year old doesnt seem to understand that) I set about creating something that would stand in its place.  After a lot of humming and haaing, I came up with this!
My Red Nose Hair Clip

I actually wish I'd thought of it earlier as I would have given it a bit more attention and maybe tried to sell a few to make some money for Comic Relief, but hey ho, there's always next year! 

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