Monday, 21 March 2011

Why Im A Very Lucky Mummy

Maybe thats a bit misleading cos all mummies are lucky for just being mummies!  I do feel particularly blessed today though as I realise that what I do from home is actually working!  I love being a WAHM and the freedom it gives me and the fact I can be there for my Little Petals.  Im very lucky I can work from home.

When I decided I didn't want to go back to work, shortly after having Littlest Petal, at first I thought people might think I'm irresponsible, lazy, work shy etc. etc.  I questioned myself over and over again to the point where I got on my own nerves.  However, I've never worked so hard in my life (as well as crafting I also run an ironing service in my local area)!  I spend all day with my littlest petal, then pick oldest petal up from school.  Some mothers may say this is a full time job in itself especially when littlest petal is now walking and into EVERYTHING!!  When they go to bed at around seven o'clock, Mr Petal and I then have dinner and I start "work" at around eight o'clock.  Either sewing for orders I've had, or stocking up for a craft fair or my folksy shop or ironing for my ever increasing regular customers. 

A friend of mine keeps asking my how I cope and said she feels sorry for me as I'm always so busy.  But I tell her this is what I've chosen to do and, in all honesty, Im loving it!

Im also lucky I've got the support of the very lovely Mr Petal as without that I'd have to go back to work.  But he's as keen for me to be at home for our girls as I am so for that, Im very grateful.  

Take today for example, I took Oldest Petal to school, came home, put the kettle on made some toast and me and Littlest Petal sat watching Cbeebies eating toast (that she stole from me!).  Then she went for a nap, and I carried on sewing for a few orders I've had.  I was sat looking out over my garden (which really should be my next project) and realised Im very lucky not to have to drop the kids at childminders and rush off to work to a job that Im only doing to pay the bills.

So while I do have the odd moan that Im so tired and run off my feet, I wouldnt change it for the world and am determined to keep going and am very grateful that what Im doing is working!  To anyone thats thinking of working from home and following their dream, I'd say just do it!  Yes you have to weigh up the risks and yes there are bills to pay, but if there is some way you can do something you love, maybe aswell as your full time job, I'd say go for it.

Right, off to finish some sewing.

Bye for now!

x x

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