Friday, 11 March 2011

A(nother) New Adventure Has Begun!

Ok, so as if I didnt have enough to do, I have decided to start my own handmade crafts business.  Why?  Good question.  Its been sort of a chain of events that have lead me here.

I've always been a bit crafty (in the creative sense, not the mean sense) and have loved making things - I started with cards a few years back, and still love this, but dont love giving them away!  Kind of defeats the purpose.  Since having my youngest daughter this was put on the backburner as I simply did not have the time to create a card I was happy to give to someone.

Also, since having my second daughter I decided to become a work from home mum.  I didnt want to have to do the juggling act I did with my first daughter and now that she was in school, I wanted to be able to pick her up and take her, go to the sports days and the school assemblies.  However, Im not one of these women who can spend their days having coffee mornings, cleaning the house and lovingly preparing dinner for their husband to come home to (much to my husbands disappointment).  So with this in mind, I decided to start my own business.  As I now have a passion for anything related to my two girls, I started an online baby shop and Little Tots Baby Shop was born.  Slowly but surely, it is getting off the ground, but we needed to expand our products. 

In a nutshell, I decided to start making products that people might be interested in for their children -  name banners, nursery decorations, one of canvesses, my mind runs away with me!  I decided to test my products out at a recent fayre I did with the Baby Shop.  I was amazed at how well my handmade stuff was received and even had four orders for name banners!  So Pretty Petal Handmade was created!

I hope you like my products and I have so much more to come.  Im currently working on Bella the Cow.  Not why she's called Bella (my oldest may even have a Bella the Cow in a colouring book she has!??) but she seems to suit the name and love how she's starting to look.  Photos coming soon!

So much to sew, sew little time! LOL (sorry, I have a bit of a sad sense of humour)

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