Wednesday, 23 March 2011

All Packed Up And Ready To Go!

Ok so a short while ago when I started this little craft business, I didnt think, in all my wildest dreams, I would get any orders from anyone other than, maybe my mum!!  I thought it would take a long while to get my name out there and I am currently spending a vast amount of time on Facebook and Twitter.  In a lot of ways this is still very much the case, Im not under any illusion that this is going to be easy, but hey ho, I've never been one to take the easy route!

Anyway, I showcased my first lot of items at a Mums In Business Fair I recently went to and I was overwhelmed with the response I got, especially for the handmade banners.  So Im very pleased to say I have completed the banners ordered and here they are:

 I love the cupcake banner - its so pretty and girly.  I hope these banners like their new homes....
They're all packaged up ready to go with their pretty pink bows.  These are local so will be dropping these off rather than having to package them up securely to go in the post!

I've had three more orders from mums at school (it seems word is getting around - maybe I should invite more of them over for coffee?!) and a friend of a friend so fingers crossed, this is the start of something wonderful!

I've also booked in for my very first Craft Fair!!  Its going to be Bank Holiday Monday, 25th April in quite a big market in the next town Abergavenny.  Its a really established market and is really busy on the few times I've been there.  Got so many ideas of products I want to try and make for then so Im going to have a very busy month (and not leave it until the last minute - promise).

Until next time x x

p.s. these banners are also available to order from here! Folksy

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