Monday, 2 January 2012

Plans For 2012

I wont say Im glad the festive period is over, but I am looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine.  I do like some structure to my day!

Looking back over 2011, as Im sure many of you have over the last few days, I feel like I achieved so much, but also that I had so much going on, I didnt really do anything to the best of my ability.  What with bringing up two small children, running a home and trying to keep it looking like a home not a hovel, running two businesses and trying to find a moment to catch up with friends/spend time with the hubby/have a moment to myself, I feel like much of 2011 past me in a blur!

However, not one to spend much time relaxing (almost impossible with two small children!), I've spent much of the Christmas period researching, emailing, looking things up, calculating and generally, preparing for the next step in my little crafty business journey (although I dont think I'll be hearing from Alan Sugar any time soon!).

Im really excited by my plans for 2012 though, which will include a new business name, a new blog, a brand new shiny website and lots of fabric, felt and ribbons.  Who wouldnt be excited by all that!?  Apologies for being so vague but all will be revealed soon (I hope).

Thanks so much for reading in 2011 and for every single one of your comments, they all mean so much to me and here's to a successful and exciting 2012!

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  1. Happy New Year to you, I cant wait to see what you've got planned.
    Happy hugs - Ju x

  2. Spooky - I just mentioned that I have some changes planned too! I love how everyone is looking forward to this year! Can't wait to hear your exciting news xx

  3. I am very excited to hear what you have planned - I hope you don't keep it a secret for too long! Good luck with all your planning xxx

  4. oooo sounds entriguing, good luck with your new business venture and looking forward to hearing all about it x