Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Need To Show You What I Got!

I know I know, Christmas is well and truly over.  Im sorry, I wont post again about Christmas I promise, once I've shown you what a lucky girl I was this year!

I've obviously been very good as I had....

Not one, but two lovely cupcake cook books.  Some amazing ideas in these!

Some heart shaped measuring spoons.

A mini cupcake maker!  My first batch are cooling as I type!!
A fab cupcake diary which also came with a calender.  No excuse for not being organised!
Now I dont know if you remember my post about my early christmas present my lovely hubby got me??  (its here if you need a recap!)  Well my sewing machine was supposed to be my "big" present.  So you can imagine my absolute jaw dropping surprise when Christmas morning I opened this little beauty....

....my brand new Motorola Xoom!
I was on about having tablet as Im always on my phone, blogging, reading blogs, on the net etc. and the best bit is...

a pink polka dot cover!!!
This cover is not only super cute, but apparently super safe (Im known for my clumsiness so hubby thought it best to help me out!).  I love it and Im on it all the time, reading, sending emails and catching up on blogs.  I think its fair to say Im a bit addicted.

So I was super lucky this Christmas, I felt like one of the kids having new toys to play with on Christmas day!

Thats it, thats the last time I'll mention Christmas 2011.

Thanks for reading! x x


  1. You lucky, lucky girl! I looove pink and cupcakes! I really wanted a cupcake maker, but alas they had sold out! Are they as fab as they look? Love your tablet and especially the cover, well done to your man! xx

  2. Wow - lucky you! I love that spotty cover! I got those measuring spoons too, they're so pretty!
    Maria x

  3. Thanks Maria I was very lucky!

    Stel, the cupcake maker is fab and so easy to use, I love it! Didnt really need any encouragement to make more cupcakes and its not really going to help the diet but oh well, at least Im happy! LOL!

    x x

  4. Lovely items. I would be making cupcakes every day if i had that so prob good i haven't got one lol.

  5. What fantastic pressies. The way I have been eating cake these last few weeks I would be VERY dangerous with a cupcake maker!! Emma xxx

  6. Tell me about it, Im going to have to google "low fat cupcakes"! lol

    x x

  7. wow, lucky you and such a lovely hubby you have. how cute are those spoons x

  8. How lucky, those are all really pretty things, im esp green over the cupcake maker, and the books, i love cook/baking books.