Tuesday, 10 January 2012

An Announcement....of sorts

You may remember me mentioning big plans for me for 2012 (blog post here) Well, I can't do it, I can't keep a secret any longer! Im not the best at keeping secrets at the best of times but when Im so excited about something I find it nigh on impossible (Christmas is torture for me!!). 

So, I would like to announce to you, my lovely followers and bloggy friends, that on Thursday 1st March 2012 I will be opening for business as....

The Sewing Boutique will sell gorgeous fabrics, fab habdash and lots of lovely buttons and ribbons!  I'll also be stocking some vintage fabrics I've come across so keep an eye out for those as they will be one offs (I'll struggle to part with these!)  Im so excited about my little sewing supplies shop and am so looking forward to watching it grow.  I've got a business plan, marketing outline and everything, feels quite grown up!

Initially it will be online and at craft fayres, with the view to eventually getting a permanent "presence" at one of my local indoor markets.  Who knows, one day I may even have a bricks and mortar shop!!  (I can dream)  As I said, the site will launch on 1st March (also St. Davids Day here in Wales!) and I've had the ok to sell from my usual craft fayres so the first one will be Saturday 3rd March.  I cant wait!

Ooooh lots of shiny findings, soon to be on my site!
The last year, and certainly since I started this blog back last March 2010, I'll be honest, I didnt know what direction it would take.  All I knew was, I really enjoyed being "crafty" and making things for my little ones.  I then had the idea that I would try selling my items at craft fayres and online and had much more success than I thought I would!  (seriously it still amazes me now that people want to part with their cash for something I've made)  I discovered I enjoyed making stock for craft fayres but not so much the stress that went with it.  I get enough of that from my day job and two children!!

One of the lovely fabrics that will soon be in stock
The idea to stock fabrics originally came from all the lovely people who would stop to chat at my stall.  All would say how lovely my things were, a few would buy, but so many would then go on to say how they love to sew and make things.  I think craft fayres do attract other crafty types.  So it was while searching for fabrics, felts, buttons etc. that I decided I would create The Sewing Boutique.  Currently I am in the process of building the website, ordering stationary, samples of fabrics are arriving daily and I will soon be putting a BIG order in for fabrics from suppliers I've sourced from all over the world.  Im like a kid in a sweet shop, I keep having to tell myself that this will NOT be my own private fabric stash!

I will still be making though, for the shop and indeed for this blog!  I will be sharing with you regularly what I've made as well as what cupcakes I have tried making!  As you may have noticed I've signed up for the Monthly Makes 2012 and am so looking forward to crafting for myself and the girls again.   

Cant WAIT for this fabric to be in my stash...I mean in stock!!
So there you have it my lovely friends, thats what I have been working on for the last few months and indeed, what I've got planned for 2012.

I'll be blogging regularly about my progress over at the blog to support the shop, which if you fancy following, you can here.  Would love, love, LOVE to see you there!

I hope you're all as excited as I am.  Thanks so much for your support, you dont know how much its appreciated.

x x


  1. Thats brilliant, good luck. Can't wait to see your stock xx

  2. That sounds great! Good luck :)

  3. Thank you both so much for your good wishes! x x

  4. Oh congratulations Rhi! This is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing your news updates on how things are getting on. Good luck xx

  5. Soooo exciting - I will be lining up to be one of your first customers! x

  6. Thank you both so much. Its so nice to see everyone is as excited as me! Kind of hard to get a one year old excited about fabrics! LOL :)

    Luv Rhi x x

  7. How exciting! Good luck, Im sure everything will turn out great xx

  8. Secrets are torturer aren't they.
    Good luck and best wishes on your new venture.

    Jan :)

  9. Fantastic news, how exciting - good luck!! (And I love that spotty fabric!)
    Maria x

  10. How exciting and well done you for taking that big step. M&S started as a market stall and look at them now!!! So your bricks and mortar shop hopefully won't be far off. Good Luck with it all and looking forward to spending some of my pennies with you x

  11. Thank you ladies! Im really excited too! Got so much to do between now and the 1st March but can't wait to get stuck in :)

    x x

  12. Congratulations, such exciting news! I will look forward to the launch and browsing through all your tempting supplies;)
    Becky x