Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Going To Try Something New

Hello lovely blog followers!  It has been over a week since my last blog, but I promise you I have not been (completely) slacking!  Lots going on The Sewing Boutique front which has meant not much sewing.  Lots of fabric and ribbon deliveries though (yey!) and some accounts (boo).

However, last night I had an unexpected hour to myself (iron decided to malfunction - oh well!) and I had been dying to try out this tutorial for fabric headbands.  It looked so simple and something I could whip up in a jiffy (?!) and I had just the fabric/person in mind for it.

So, here it is, my fabric headband, made from gorgeous vintage fabric I found on Etsy, expertly modelled by my lovely sis x x

Now I will make one small confession, in my excitement at being back at my sewing machine, I sewed the seam on the outside.  However, as you can see, my sisters turned it round and it looks fine!

Now onto something new.  Since I started to enjoy/become obsessed with sewing, which wasnt all that long ago, there's been one aspect of if that boggles my mind - quilting.  Patchwork quilting to be exact.  I could never understand how it came together.  So, whilst browsing in Asda yesterday I came across this...

I've missed issue 1 but may have to buy it on back issue.  I just wanted something I could read and hopefully learn how to build up a beautiful quilt!  My best friend is having a baby in April so I'd like to make a baby quilt once he/she is born (it will be for his/her cot so I'll have at least six months before it has to be finished!)

If any of you lovely people have any tutorials or know of any youtube videos that may help me that would be great.  I've found a few but theres nothing like a good recommendation!

So thats it, my next crafty challenge!!  Im already planning my monthly make for February (will be another gift for my sister - actually its more of a request this time!) so all is good in my craft world.

Until next time x x

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  1. Looove the headband, you are so talented! And what a fab model ;). Good luck with the quilting, I know you will crack it no probs! So excited for your shop launch, that ric rac looks fab all arranged on the tags! x

  2. hi lovie. i have a copy of issue one if you would like. my little one used up the fabrics but the paperwork is all still there x

  3. Hi.

    I'm Kim and I write the blog I too have not yet attempted patchwork but it looks so much fun, if a little bit time consuming. I received some beautiful Tanya Whelan fabrics as a Christmas present from my hubby and I can't wait to try and turn them into a quilt. I love your headband by the way. It's nice and summery.
    Best wishes,

  4. Headband looks great. I too am so excited for the launch of The Sewing Boutique xxx