Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Still Busy And Something New

Am I mad to be trying something new so close to the fair??  Yes, maybe a little but thats another post for another day - heehee!

Been busy busy busy getting stock ready for Sunday.  This pile is still a pile...

Things look so cute in piles!  I plan on starting to sew that little lot tomorrow.  It has now been joined by this pile...

These (I hope) are going to be personalised Christmas decorations with initials on, ready for Sunday.  I always struggle to know what letters to take when personalising stuff.  Every letter of the alphabet would be nice but, as you know, time is not my friend!  Im going to make some of these for our tree this year, and one in pink and white for Maddys pink Christmas tree.

And now for the something new!  For ages I've wanted to make purses for little girls and have been playing with the idea in my head - how to fasten it, strap or no strap, what kind of design, if any.  Well today, I gave it a go...

They're going to be little coin purses with zips on (please excuse the lighting, its so hard at the moment to get good lighting during the 3 hours of sunlight I saw today!).  After much deliberation and a good talking to (my machine not me), I used my machine to stitch up the sides and handstitched the little flower.  Now I just have to tackle the zip, which is something I've never done before but I've pinned them up and they look good!  So these will be for sale as presents for little girls on Sunday too.

So all good here, now to crack on with it! 

x x


  1. Wow you got your mojo back in spades! Good for you, really love all your new ideas and those coin purses are great! x

  2. I agree, you definitely have your mojo back! Those coin purses are gonna look adorable. Make sure you get finished pics up of everything :-) xxx

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished purses - they look very cute so far!
    Maria x

  4. YOu've been a busy thing since yesterday - I cant wait to see everything finished - I love the red and white stars.
    Have a fun day sewing - Ju x