Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lost My Crafting Mojo :(

Not completely but it's not what it was! I only seem to want to make stuff for myself rather than what I should be doing which is making stuff for my next craft fair!

Ive been so busy with my "day job", plus the kids and I've been struggling to come up with some original ideas for Christmas decorations to sell. There are so many clever talented people out there making beautiful items, that I couldn't think if what to do that was different. Well I finally came up with some decorations I like and think I can make a few of before my next fair. So watch this space for updates (hopefully).

Remember the cupcake fabric I bought I little while ago? Well the notice board I'm making is finally finished!! I really like it! I made some cupcake pin to go with it too.

Have any of you lost your crafting mojo? What did you do to find it?!


  1. I feel like that too sometimes - I find the best way is to just to keep making things and then I find I've made something good without really having an idea of where I was going with it! I call it 'Crafter's block'. Can't wait to see your decos - I have been having a go too as I have signed up for a few swaps. I must admit I had moments of panic thinking what I make will not be on a par with what the other ladies make (they are super talented!) Anyhoo enough of my essay lol - I really love your makes and I know anything you come up with will be fab! Love the notice board too! x

  2. Oooh that notice board is great and the cupcakes are just FAB! I often lose my mojo. There are days where there are simply too many other things to do - cleaning, ironing, school runs, dinners, the usual mundane stuff. Other times I really just want to sit with a book and a bar of chocolate and forget about sewing and cutting out bits of felt. Perhaps its a good thing, gives us time to think of ideas. Hope you find your mojo soon.

    Emma xxx

  3. Hope you find your mojo soon. I sometimes feel like that - there never seems to be enough hours in the day. One thing I am doing tomorrow night is going to my first craft club - pretty nervous about it but apparantly they do allsorts of craft such as working with paper, jewellry making , crochet , knitting etc so this is what I hope will inspire me.

    Leah x

  4. Oh dear! It sounds like you are just a little too busy with other things at the moment, hopefully once you get on top of the work/life balance thing you'll get your mojo back! There's nothing worse than crafting because you HAVE to rather than because you WANT to.

    I find that flicking through crafty mags/books or my fabric stash usually helps the creative juices to flow. Don't stress about it, it will return :)

  5. We all get like that, it will return. Plus there is nothing wrong with making things for yourself xx