Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My New B.F.F.

Having dropped several heavy hints (think concreate blocks) and emailed a very specific list of gifts I would like for Christmas to my husband (with links to the appropriate Internet site) imagine my complete delight and slight shock when he came home one day last week with a brand new sewing machine!!!

My new B.F.F!
Now I'm not that much of a brat to want presents before Christmas but, seeing how hard I was working on the coffee shop orders, he decided to give me my present early.

Can't tell you how much fun I've had and how much easier it's making life for me! Up until now every single stitch was sewn by hand as my mini sewing machine just wasn't up to the job. Now things have such a better finish and I can't wait to try out some new projects! There are still some elements of my things that have to be done by hand but the world us my oyster now I have my new BFF!!!

The photo of Lillie is just because she's cute and pulls such a cheesy grin every time I get the camera out!

Thanks for reading! Off to sew more cupcakes :)


  1. My sewing machine is not speaking to me at the moment lol! Yours is a beauty, have fun with it! Lillie looks cute as always! x

  2. Lovely machine. Have fun with it :)


  3. Oo, just think of all the lovely things you can make for Lillie on your new BFF! x

  4. What a fab hubby you have. Hope you will have hours of fun on the machine and create some wonderful things - do show us. I have packed mine away for a day or two before it starts blowing steam out at me from working too hard!!
    Emma xxx
    Ps. Lillie is v. cute indeed :-)