Monday, 19 December 2011

How Many Sleeps??

The words I wake up to every morning, and have woken up to, for the last week! Yes, Christmas countdown has definitely begun in our house! Coincidentally, so has half term. So not only do I have a very excited five year old on my hands, I have to keep her and her sister entertained all day!!

So in true crafty mummy style, I have plenty of things for us to make and do until Santa delivers things far more interesting!

Yesterday we made gingerbread men, proper ones from flour and stuff, not felt and thread!

They turned out pretty well, although I did take the whole decorating thing a bit seriously! Today, Maddys just informed me we're making snowmen from toilets roll tubes and cotton wool. Sounds good!

Can't show you anything I'm making at the moment as they are all Christmas presents!! But here are the gingerbread men we made yesterday, plus my gingerbread family and their house-heehee!!

Hope you are all feeling festive!

x x


  1. I wake up to that too - today I had a mild panic when I realised it is only 5! So unorganised lol! Love your gingerbread family and house! Bet they smelled and tasted yum! Have a good week xx

  2. Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Merry Christmas...

    Kirsti xx